January 11, 2008

Tea houses in Kuala Lumpur

By the time we arrived in Kuala Lumpur on Monday late afternoon and had showered (as is necessary three times per day) in Peyshan’s 11th floor apartment (our new accommodation for two nights), we were jolly hungry! After a bit of a drive in the city locating our recommended place of rest, we found it: the Purple Cane Tea House. We were so ‘in love’ with the tea house in Penang that when Peyshan suggested it as our first activity in KL we jumped at the idea. This tea house had an excellent range of vegetarian food too, so we were able to satisfy both our hunger and need for tea. I ordered vegetarian noodles in tea stock, and we also had rice that was flavoured with tea – I am thinking I should experiment with tea in my cooking when I get home. After our dinner and a long tea drinking session we went back home, and spent the rest of the night waiting for the enlivening effect of the tea to wear-off so that we could sleep as we had an early start the next day.

At 7am Mark was in the shower and after his allotted 10 minutes I was in for mine (nothing wrong with fascist regimes early in the morning). We were supposed to leave at 7.30 but – as usual – food got in the way! However we still left early enough to be in the queue at the Twin Towers for free tickets. Completed in 1995, these two buildings were the tallest in the world until the Taipei 101 was built in 2003. They are still two of the three highest though! We managed to get a ticket for 10.45am to go up to the Sky Bridge that connects the two towers on the 41st floor. To pass the time and slowly wake our bodies up, we ate RotiBoy – probably the most fashionable bread in Asia!

Up on the 41st flloor at the Sky Bridge, we peered down at the tiny specks below that I can only assume represented people. The views from here were spectacular – my camera could not do it justice. The people that work in these two buildings must be quite used to it. Even the poor guy on the outside cleaning the windows from a small plastic tub seemed to be at ease with his surroundings despite there being 40 floors of nothingness below him.

Back on the ground we left the city for Batu Caves. After climbing up several hundred steps and taking as many pictures of monkeys, we reached a complex of caves where there are many different Hindu shrines. The main cave is huge, around 100m high and at least as long. Returning to the ground again and we found an Indian vegetarian restaurant (I love the ease with which we have stumbled upon veggie restaurants in Malaysia!) where we ate Tosai with curry and drank the milk from fresh coconuts.

In the evening we met Peyshan’s sister Peypey and got an excellent tour of the city visiting more buildings built by Brits. ;) We went to another Chinese vegetarian restaurant for dinner where I ate as much as I possibly could because it was our last night in Malaysia. The variety of food we ate in Malaysia was one of the highlights of the whole trip. Another was the Chinese tea houses, and so it was only right that we ended the night with a trip to yet another tea house. We relaxed and passed our last few hours enjoying the company of Peyshan and Peypey who have treated us so well on our brief trip to Malaysia. I really hope I can come again soon! And so I want to end this post with a big thank you to Peyshan for making our trip so special.

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