November 07, 2007

Here comes the snow

Every morning I have woken up and looked towards the gap in the curtains to see if there were any signs of snow. The first two mornings I was sure that I saw white outside, but it turned out to be frosty white, not snow. This morning I saw white again, but I had learnt not to get too excited by this. However, when I finally opened the curtains I realised that it really was snow today. I took a long tour of the streets between my place and the science park to get to work, enjoying the snow-covered streets and roads. The snow did not seem to slow the walkers, cyclists, and drivers on their journey to work – everyone was moving along as quickly as usual. There is no fear of the snow on the roads in Finland, it seems that it is as natural to drive on snow for Finns as it is for us to drive on tarmac! I think the drivers here must have a sensitivity to snow that we never develop in England.

Anyway, I have not spent much time in the office today as I decided I should go out and explore the city in the snow. I found the Finnish Orthodox Church which is very pretty. See some more photos.

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  1. Jussi

    You’re right, snow is not a problem for us when moving around. We use winter tires in our cars (and in some bicycles as well) which makes it easier to drive on snow and ice. However, what amazes me is that every autumn when the first snow and ice comes there is huge raise in the amount fo accidents. This is always of course noticed by the newspapers and every time the headlines are something like “Winter surprised the Finns”... just as it would be strange it eventually will snow. Naturally, many choose to change to their winter tires just after the first snow arrives and thus these first days with snow and ice are very dangerous. Sort of stupid. =)

    26 Nov 2007, 00:57

  2. roman

    This is still ok Jussi. In CZ, the newspapers say every year “And again!, winter surprised roadmenders!”

    26 Nov 2007, 08:45

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