July 17, 2005

Final thoughts

I arrived back in England yesterday morning and the first surprise was the refreshing cool morning air. I enjoyed the view flying into Birmingham as seeing the countryside felt like home. Although I have been keeping myself busy since then, I still find myself craving little things in Taiwan. I am constantly wondering what to eat, looking for snacks, and I have yet to cook a proper meal. Tea consumption has not yet returned to its normal level — instead I am missing the many different iced teas and juices that I became accustomed to in Taiwan. I also went for a drive in the car today, and all I can say is that it is no where near as fun as a motorcycle in Kaohsiung.

I had a really good time in Taiwan. The conference was a splendid event, very well organised and has stimulated plenty of new ideas for me. The summer school was particularly good as I met so many lovely people who I look forward to working with in the future. The remaining few days were a real treat. I was able to experience life in Kaohsiung, and this really made me want to stay for a lot longer. I had my fair share of adventures, some interesting, some challenging, and some that were just plain funny! I enjoyed them all. Kaohsiung, I am missing you already.

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  1. Kaohsiung


    18 Jul 2005, 01:13

  2. Hey, glad to know that you are enjoying your trip to taiwan! Lets have some tea together in the department when both of us are free :)

    18 Jul 2005, 13:22

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