February 25, 2008

Buddhism in Finland

Just when I thought there was no Buddhism in Finland, I made an exciting discovery…

It happened while ice skating outdoors as the snow was falling heavily from the sky above. There is one guy who maintains the outdoor ice rinks all day long. He drives around in this special tractor that sweeps the snow off the ice. When he finishes one ice rink, he moves onto the next. But even before he has finished one, the previous ice rink is already covered in snow again. And so it goes on…

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  1. Javier

    I have seen that too the other weekend…..
    There is an ice skating rink in Kallio, Helsinki. Quite big actually. It started to snow and the guy-in-the-special-tractor starts his work. But the ice rink is so big that when he “finishes”, the rink is covered again. And so it goes on…

    25 Feb 2008, 17:00

  2. Hema

    I like that. Guess what i went to a poi workshop yesterday and learnt new tricks, just as a mastered one of the most exciting moves, i discovered how many other moves i still had to learn! and so it went on…

    05 Mar 2008, 10:17

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