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November 20, 2005

No more bread and cheese

I arrived in Helsinki, immediately jumped on a tram and easily found the hostel that I had booked. The most important thing next was to eat. I surveyed the plentiful literature on Helsinki that had kindly been left in my room, and I decided that my body could no longer bare pure carbohydrates for sustainance. I identified a number of Chinese/Thai/Asian restaurants in a particular area of town and I set off in that direction. This was a great idea, as I quickly worked where the main areas of the city are, and also how the public transport works. They are almost too organised these Finns. Once I located my target street, I quickly assessed the options and picked the cheapest, most basic looking chinese restaurant. They had a great vegetarian choice (for Finland) and my szechuan tofu and fried rice was ready in no time at all. It was delicious. I think I might have already eaten the last bread and cheese for this trip.

Koli conference ends

Writing about web page

More snow had fallen overnight and I was reluctant to leave the cosy Hotel Koli with its fine views and relaxing saunas. As always, time goes too quickly.

Yesterday was a busy one with presentations the whole day, except for a little break in the afternoon. This was an opportunity to explore the area of the national park. I set off suitably unprepared, but quickly found a route following a path through the trees. It was a long walk in the ice and snow, more great views which culminated in a climb up to the summit once again. After the afternoon presentations it was time for our third portion of oil and carbohydrate. Then came the best part of the day: sauna time. We spent several hours in the sauna, taking regular breaks in the jacuzzi and occasionally rolling around in the snow outside. The Finns call this making 'snow angels'.

This morning saw the closing presentation of the conference, we packed our bags and caught the bus back to Joensuu. The drive was quite entertaining — it seems that snow doesn't mean that you have to slow down! Once in Joensuu, I caught the first train to Helsinki. Now I have a day to explore this city!

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