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April 16, 2008

The longest tug of war ever?

This morning was the opening ceremony of Scifest 2008 where we successfully launched a new style of cross-continent tug of war. One team in Joensuu, led by the mayor of the city, and another team in Grahamstown, South Africa, took part in what is probably the longest ever tug of war, thanks to a combination of modern technology, technical expertise and luck. It looked like Finland was going to lose (they were pulling up hill) but then a large group of children came to the rescue right at the last minute to pull South Africa over (as well as overwhelm the solid construction at the end of the rope!).

If you click on the following link and watch the Finnish 10 o’clock news then after about 16 mins (near the end of the programme and after the weather) you will see some clips of our team (in Finnish of course!):

MTV ten o’clock news

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