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October 28, 2005

A funny old game

"OK, so they're a bit crinkled. 'Hello, police, somebody broke into my office and crinkled my papers and things'"...

Much seems to be happening with football in my world lately. Suddenly realising that I've signed up to not only a serious, full match specification league (shin pads necessary – but no magic sponge), but that I've signed up to 5-a-side too. Crikey, in week two I was impressed that I ran from the nether regions behind Car Park 15 to Gibbet Hill. (shock #2 for the last 2 minutes – I just typed 'crikey' – too much neighbours).

Unsurprisingly then, our first match didn't go so great. Ocean's Eleven, and strictly eleven – we'd forgotten subs – collapsed to an 8–1 defeat. WBS up next, notorious for being a bit 'good'. If we manage to score this week the celebrations are likely to be injury-inducingly good. In other words, I think we'll just pile in on top of each other then all walk home with damaged vertebrae. Or something. I'm not a doctor.

Of course, I say 'we'. Not me. I got injured. First bloody game and I smash up my toe. Alas! All is not lost! I can still act out my game winning plans on Pro Evo. But I somehow doubt that'll be any good for fitness.

But the football shenanigans don't end there! Oh no! In the space of two weeks, the heroes of SE25 have gone from useless, to that'll-do, to spectacular. Losing to your biggest rivals, who are, incidentally, a crock of shite, only to go on and ease past a mediocre Burnley side before humiliating the European Champions really doesn't make any sense.

..."Its not piss"

October 12, 2005

Magalluf, Prague, and Leamington Spa

So Freshers' Fortnight is over. How was it? Lacking in sleep. That's how. Some how the Law School figured its best to give those living off campus a load of 9am's this year. Add to that my bizarre take up of volunteer work in a vague effort at sharking, and I was up before it was light an unhealthy number of times.

So am I getting old before my time? God I hope not. I used to do this all the time in the first year… I think. Go out all week and still make every lecture. I did… didn't I? It must be Free Spirits. Running around selling a drinking society to students is harder than you'd think. Damnable strong work ethic this year. Or maybe it was Majorca. Coming back from a holiday that generally involved 4 hours sleep a night 2 days before heading back to Leam was perhaps a mistake. An enjoyable mistake though: more like going into the wrong changing rooms and seeing lots of naked women than hammering a nail into your thumb. Might be worth joining the gym and making more mistakes.

But besides the tiredness, can't complain. The Fresher's ball was a dramatic improvement on the Electric Six shambles last year. Not that I'm any the wiser as to who the hell the Go Team are, but they're an entertaining bunch no less.

Actually, I can complain. I should start a petition for some government-funded advanced driver training for the locals. Still absolutely useless, and unbelievably, the fog lights are already out. I've readied my sunglasses in anticipation of an outbreak.

In the meantime, plans for my 21st are underway. A weekend in Prague ought to make a good start. More to follow!

Back to work next week, so that'll be fun. "Hello, could I speak to Mr. X, please, and could he bring his credit card with him…

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