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October 17, 2005

Beer Review (3): Gulpener Korenwolf

After the comments on my first beer reviews I had intended to test a 'Real Ale', of course. But, unfortunately, the Graduate Bar ran out of these last Saturday (that was at least what they told me…). So, I took the 'Gulpener Korenwolf', not knowing I had chosen a 'witbier' from the Netherlands… However, the taste was quite familiar to the famous 'Neckarmüller Weiße' and I thought immediately it was a good choice.
So, although I might compare apples to bananas, I go on with the test:

1. External characteristics:

The froth is white, the beer itself has the (for wheat beers) typical golden, a bit fishy, colour.

2. Taste:

As I mentioned above, the taste reminded me strongly of the 'Neckarmüller Weiße', which means, I really liked it. For those (poor guys), who never had a 'Neckarmüller Weiße': Its aroma is fruity and has a bit of 'nature', i.e. of grass and flowers. And of course the wheat adds a tangy note to it.


Overall: 9 out of 10

October 12, 2005

Beer Review (2): Carling

Tonights test object was a Carling – 'Britain's best selling lager'

1. External characteristics:

Its colour is golden. The froth is white, although I think it doesn't froth very much or disappears a little bit too fast.

2. Taste:

The froth is good, the beer has a likeable, even fruity taste, perhaps a whiff of lemon. Nevertheless, like other malts, the aftertaste is a little bitter.


Overall: 8 out of 10

October 08, 2005

Beer Review (1): Guinness

Here comes the first part of a loose series of short beer reviews. The test object today was actually not a British beer, but an Irish: Guinness

1. External characteristics:

Its colour is black, the froth is beige and is actually not a 'real' froth, but has more or less the consistency of cream, looks a little bit ugly when it comes out of the tap.

2. Taste:

The froth tastes as bad as it looks like. The beer itself is much better, although for me it is a little bit too bitter. Especially the aftertaste is … well, could be better.


All in all: 6 out of 10


September 29, 2005

Book review

4 out of 5 stars

This is a really good book! Although it might be a little bit overexaggerated or unrealistic at times, you cannot lay it back until you've finnished reading it… That's actually the biggest problem – you should bring enough time with you, i.e. más o menos two or three days… during this time you won't be able to do many other things!

The only two things I did not like:
1. The only German appearing in this book is a fat and ugly man hanging around with a prostitute… Nice image of the Germans…
2. The description of the Giralda tower in Sevilla is wrong – there are no stairs in this tower, only ramps

However, it is really worth reading it!!

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