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October 12, 2005


Time passes by really fast… the week is nearly over again and I did not even write about my weekend… which was very nice. I was in Birmingham, staying with Silvi. We went shopping on Saturday (I bought a nice Squash racket) and to church on Sunday. Afterwards we were invited for lunch (it took 3 hours and was very good!) and spent the rest of the day in the city.
On Monday, I had a little group presentation in 'Project Management', which was OK. Furthermore, we had the Careers Fair with approx. 50 companies. Quite interesting – I think about applying for a summer internship, we'll see. The whole thing was sponsored by – ALDI!! It seems as if they want to expand strongly here in the UK: everywhere you can find adverts ('37k GBP + Audi A4 + 5 weeks holiday')...
Today was more or less quite boring – I only had one seminar (not easy, though) and spent the rest of the day studying. And in the evening I met some friends and tested the 'Carling'. ;-)

October 08, 2005

20% of term over!

Yeah, that's right: 20% of the term is already over! I nearly cannot believe that… time passes really fast here. But as I feared, the relaxed part of the term is gone by now and lectures/seminars require quite a bit of work…
Additionally, I did some sports this week – went again running several times, joined the Sports Union and played Squash! That's really fun! I'm going to do that more often now and perhaps I will even find a nice racket in Birmingham tomorrow.
I also visited the Bible Study group (just a couple of hours ago), which was a very nice meeting (and also nice food/drinks).
Afterwards, I wanted to play pool in 'the bar', but we didn't find a free pool table – it's really annoying that they block the whole students' union when there is a party… all the pool tables there… empty…

OK, that were the most important things of my week so far, I guess.

October 04, 2005

New week, new chance

I finally have collected all necessary signatures of the professors and lecturers of the modules I want to attend. That process took me about a week now… As annoying it might be to run from office to office, it also has its good sides: Most profs take their time to get to know their students. They are (or at least pretend to be) interested and friendly. That really impressed me! OK, there are also nice profs in Germany, but compared to here, the ratio (nice prof to ***hole) is definitely worse…
Besides having completed my examination registration form, I had another course today (my third one), signed up for the sports union (quite expensive though), was running in the morning (or 'jogging', only for 20mins on my usual tour), had a delicious meal (rice, chicken and a sauce with an unrememberable name from Tesco) and did nothing for my courses… However, that WILL CHANGE! At least, it will have to change.

Btw: I had a nice weekend – Silvi was here and I could show her our cool campus. Yesterday, we visited the chaplaincy and joined the lunch afterwards. I liked both.

October 01, 2005

Short week review

First week of term is over… So what did I learn in the past few days?

  • They don't take it too seriously here: Although term was supposed to start, I only had two lectures. However, most of my relaxing time is over now, I guess… Next week, hard life starts.
  • Lecturers are really nice in England! That was the good side of the annoying task of collecting signatures of nine different profs… they seem to be interested in their students.
  • One can kill time with lots of useless things… and at the end of the day one has not finished the one important task…
  • A kitchen is overloaded when 26 students try to prepare their dinner…
  • A kitchen can be a dirty place at weekends, when cleaners do not have to work
  • Swedish prisons for women could be worse (our student dorm. was designed after one)
  • Swedish jails could be accousticly better isolated.

So far the lessons for this week…

September 28, 2005

First typical English day…

Today, we had our first typical English day – cloudy wheather and rain from 4 to 11… Nevertheless, it wasn't too bad. I had no class today (same as tomorrow, btw), and therefore could concentrate on doing other things, for example shopping or collecting signatures from my lecturers. Yeah, that's right! I have to run from prof to prof just to make them sign my "Module selection form"... little bit annoying, because it doesn't make sense. However, I collected ONE signature – seven to go…
Yesterday, I had my first class – it was OK, although I do not know much more about the topic than I had known before… it was mainly introduction and video-watching (interesting, though). I think it's not getting too hard, but you never know…
It was also the second day that I was running in the morning! I am really proud of me… ;-) I am planning to join the sports union and do some squash. Would be fun.
I am looking forward to seeing more comments! Thanx for the ones you wrote up to now!

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