October 01, 2005

Short week review

First week of term is over… So what did I learn in the past few days?

  • They don't take it too seriously here: Although term was supposed to start, I only had two lectures. However, most of my relaxing time is over now, I guess… Next week, hard life starts.
  • Lecturers are really nice in England! That was the good side of the annoying task of collecting signatures of nine different profs… they seem to be interested in their students.
  • One can kill time with lots of useless things… and at the end of the day one has not finished the one important task…
  • A kitchen is overloaded when 26 students try to prepare their dinner…
  • A kitchen can be a dirty place at weekends, when cleaners do not have to work
  • Swedish prisons for women could be worse (our student dorm. was designed after one)
  • Swedish jails could be accousticly better isolated.

So far the lessons for this week…

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  1. Mathew Mannion

    They don't take it too seriously here

    That's because you're a business student :) I've had 20 hours of lectures this week :(

    01 Oct 2005, 00:08

  2. Barbara

    Well, I wanted to add a comment to the book review, but I wasn't allowed to… So, I have to ask my question, now: Is this book too new or does it already exist in french, as well?
    By the way, please don't be angry with me if my English is not as good as it should be… but I have to talk an think in French the most time at the moment…
    @Andi: I'm happy to read that you have a relaxed time, too; even if it won't probably be as relaxed as the time for me…

    01 Oct 2005, 07:20

  3. Tobias

    G´day from Australia. After a two week spring holiday uni started again yesterday. The weather forecast expects 27 degrees today, hopefully they are right! Have a nice second week!

    03 Oct 2005, 23:37

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