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February 25, 2014

Listen more,Talk less….Effective Leader.

The power of highly effective people lies in their ability to ‘understand’ others first before seeking to be ‘understood’ by others (Steve Covey ‘habits of highly effective people). It so hard nowadays to see leader who is interested in understanding his followers but most leaders want to be understood first.

Looking at the story of a parent who have a rebellious teenager a dirty what do they do? If all they do is tell the child how wayward he/she is and how bad things are going to happen if she doesn’t change, then they are going to be in for long chase of an ugly cat and mice game. If the parent don’t understand the needs of that child there’s no way they can understand and get the best out of that child. Leadership in organisation are like this today.

One thing leaders have to learn is that you can’t change way your followers act if you don’t change the way you approach them and the foundation of all this is seeking to understand your follower’s first then learning to listen to them. Most often than not when followers act irrationally it because they are trying to prove a point, they want to be understood and as a leader one shouldn’t give them a justifiable reason to keep acting that way by firing them. Most individual and followers desire is to be understood, listened to, and respected and to be involved. In summary, in order for a leader to unlock the potentials of all his followers especially the ‘walking dead’, he needs to practice the act of listening more talking less and understanding first and seeking to be understood afterwards.

February 13, 2014

The 'Superman' leader (2)

As i said earlier, an effective leader dont just understand peoples values but also try to find ways to align his own with that of others.

the power of influence in a leader is the ability to understand what makes peoples tick. A leader should unederstand his follower and a follower should understand his leader. Reflecting on a Car dealer and a potential customer scenerio,before the car dealer can sell a car to a customer,, he understands firsthand what are the needs of the customer, maybe a family guy of four who often goes on camping trips, he sure needs an SUV, the seller wont market a Sports car to him in this scenerio.This applies to leaders and followers to.

Uderstanding or being able to discern peoples unique selling point and being sensitive to them(Emotional Intelligence) is important for both a leader and also a follower. overall both the leader and follower should always have it in mind that there is more to a leader or follower that lies beneath the surface and our approach should always be exloratory rather than stereotype.

The 'Superman' leader

In reality, there are no superman leaders(perfect leader) there are only effective leaders and anotrher dimension i have discovered to an effective leader is that he focus on 'TASK','TEAM',and 'INDIVIDUAL'.

An effective leader knows how to get the task done through his team while making sure no individual is left out or invinsible in the whole process. But in most organisations nowadays especially from past experiances, the idea of everybody being invovled seems like a facade.

i think this is where some superman skils are needed afterall in every leader comes to play afterall, a leader should always bear in mind and prep himslef for change, as a leader who wants to embark on a journey of changing an organisation, he or she must be flexible and ready to accept change.

February 11, 2014

To be or not to be a leader???

"LEADERS ARE BORN NOT MADE". This is an old adage that engaged my thought on leadership today as a sat in class trying to decipher the old adage.Remixing this adage, i would say "LEADERS ARE BORN AND MADE".

There is a leader in everybody,some naturally display the key characteristics and some grow or i would say develop those key charcteristics. For a 'Born'(EMERGENT LEADERS) and 'Made' leader, it all boils down to Self discovery and self awareness.

For a leader who is born, its more of a journey of self-awareness. He knows that he already dislay those trait that makes a leader but what makes the ideal leader out of a born leader is being self aware of those traits and getting the best out of it . A 'Made' leader on the other end is a combination of both self awareness and self discovery, discovering those hidden traits and building on them to get the best out of it. whether we aspire to be or not to be a leader, we all have a leadership capability some established,some explored but not tapped and some not explored.

February 10, 2014

Making sense of Leadership

Who is a Leader? why do we need leaders?....... sitting and pondering on this questions,i realised that there are so many dimensions to answering this questions just like my tutor said.

i have been in situations where i have experinced both 'effective' and 'ineffective' leadership. from today's task on choosing a leader, i have realised one thing, as indidviduals we percieve the world differently and some of us hold a stance on some moral convinctions lik, we all have our own views on politics, religion e.t.c. this can also be said of leadership.

we all have our definition of what we deem as morally right and wrong and this are directly tied to our values. our values tend to define the way we percieve different aspect of life and also leadership. My understanding of leadership or an effective or ineffective leader are directly tied to my values. A situation where i percieve a leader as ineffective someone can deem him fit as effective.

values are something that affcets our thinking and perception and for a leader to also effectively relate with his follower, such a leader must understand his own vaues and then understand that of his folllowers so that they would 'meet halfway' without the leader or follower compromising his values.

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