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October 19, 2013

My Reflections 2– learning week

Learning this week for me was like opening a box full of treasures. As i sat in class all through the presentations and seminars all i could think to myself was how can you take all this back home and apply to real life situation. Well for now all i could do in my head was to just try and arrange the puzzle.

In my country, not much is been done on the status of customer orientation and its impact on business performance. Most industries survival lifespan is usually between 5-10years especially SME'S. How can someone create business excellence in situations like this.Well i guess thats what i have been learning all through the week. We can't give nothing and then expect something or better feedback in return. To create business excellence, i have learnt that organisations should strive for quality in everything they do.

Quality in terms of product,people(employees),processes and even quality in leadership and management aspect of the oganisation. Quality gives a company that competitive edge over its competitors. I once interned at one organisation where i noticed most of the employees are not motivated to work . They are always happy when granted leave and even when they return from the leave they would still be finding ways to apply get another leave of abscence. I just couldn't see the enthusiasim and i thought to myself this isn't what i want for myself. looking back at that time and applying what i have learnt so far on this module, i would say organisations should try and invovle their employees in the developement of values,encouraging them also to align their behaviours towards this values and then reward their effort for giving their best towards creating a good brand image.

I would encourage performance related pay because it really helps employees to stay committed to their work . From low level staff to high level staff, everyone should be rewarded when they perform well at their job. Performance related pay shows how much a company values its workers and encourage them to release their full potential. Creating a family like atmosphere for employees would give a business the long standing that its needs, desired customer results and also societal results. Employees wouldnt see the worplace as a money making venture but a place whereby they can effect change through Creativity, teamwork,honesty e.t.c

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