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February 13, 2014

The 'Superman' leader (2)

As i said earlier, an effective leader dont just understand peoples values but also try to find ways to align his own with that of others.

the power of influence in a leader is the ability to understand what makes peoples tick. A leader should unederstand his follower and a follower should understand his leader. Reflecting on a Car dealer and a potential customer scenerio,before the car dealer can sell a car to a customer,, he understands firsthand what are the needs of the customer, maybe a family guy of four who often goes on camping trips, he sure needs an SUV, the seller wont market a Sports car to him in this scenerio.This applies to leaders and followers to.

Uderstanding or being able to discern peoples unique selling point and being sensitive to them(Emotional Intelligence) is important for both a leader and also a follower. overall both the leader and follower should always have it in mind that there is more to a leader or follower that lies beneath the surface and our approach should always be exloratory rather than stereotype.

The 'Superman' leader

In reality, there are no superman leaders(perfect leader) there are only effective leaders and anotrher dimension i have discovered to an effective leader is that he focus on 'TASK','TEAM',and 'INDIVIDUAL'.

An effective leader knows how to get the task done through his team while making sure no individual is left out or invinsible in the whole process. But in most organisations nowadays especially from past experiances, the idea of everybody being invovled seems like a facade.

i think this is where some superman skils are needed afterall in every leader comes to play afterall, a leader should always bear in mind and prep himslef for change, as a leader who wants to embark on a journey of changing an organisation, he or she must be flexible and ready to accept change.

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