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February 10, 2014

Making sense of Leadership

Who is a Leader? why do we need leaders?....... sitting and pondering on this questions,i realised that there are so many dimensions to answering this questions just like my tutor said.

i have been in situations where i have experinced both 'effective' and 'ineffective' leadership. from today's task on choosing a leader, i have realised one thing, as indidviduals we percieve the world differently and some of us hold a stance on some moral convinctions lik, we all have our own views on politics, religion e.t.c. this can also be said of leadership.

we all have our definition of what we deem as morally right and wrong and this are directly tied to our values. our values tend to define the way we percieve different aspect of life and also leadership. My understanding of leadership or an effective or ineffective leader are directly tied to my values. A situation where i percieve a leader as ineffective someone can deem him fit as effective.

values are something that affcets our thinking and perception and for a leader to also effectively relate with his follower, such a leader must understand his own vaues and then understand that of his folllowers so that they would 'meet halfway' without the leader or follower compromising his values.

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