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October 08, 2013

My Reflections

Blogging,this is so new to me. But anyways...... lets see how this goes.

I thought to myself what sould be my first blog entry........(thinking)?? then an answer popped up in my head "what have you been learning or what have you learnt so far this past few days???". Well, answering my own question, i think i have learnt a lot from the induction week till date. During the induction week we were made familiar with this saying"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day but teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" WMG has so far been teaching me how to fish in this huge ocean of knowledge and during my second week i actually caught a big "fish" in my first module...(smile) Creating Business Excellence. This is one topic i suddenly became keen about, i found it interesting and questionable at the same time. The interesting part is that i get to learn from whole new perspective and actually think the way people in advanced countries think and how various excellence models has been working for them. Models like the Malcom Baldridge model(American),the EFQM.model(European foundation for quality management) and the Deming models which is very practical and very logical which i very much agree with to an extent.The Deming excellence model whose keypoints is about the proper coordination of all the process in place i.e"enablers" which help the company to achieve its desired outcome "results" which brings me to wonder that if applying excellence model in an organistaion helps organisation achieve its goals, or get the desired output, then what about scenerios where the leaders of the organisations who are part of the enablers are maintaining the status quo and are arent willing to be the change agent.Speaking for my home country, i would say applying this excellence models can be very difficult to achieve cos the employees are not allowed flexibility in the working enviroment.Based on experience, i have seen where individuals mindset and approach to work is "whatever" and i thought to myself how then can the excellence model be achieved when the whole workforce of an organisation all have a kinda weird norm. Thinking this through from what my tutor Paul said today, that one should be the agent of change anywhere we find ourselves(i strongly pray to be one)and he also said "every leaders job is to grow a leader" truth, but what happens when the leader isnt "leader enough" to grow another leader.........???. I think i have to sleep over this one(yawn).

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