January 22, 2008

Jobs in Manchester

Writing about web page http://www.jobs.ac.uk/blogs/simply-better/2008/01/15/jobs-in-manchester/

I've just added an entry to my Simply. Better blog on using jobs.ac.uk to find a job in Manchester.

It's funny but when you ask jobseekers what they're looking for in a job, you'd think that it would all be about the job itself - the challenges, the opportunities for career development and what contribution they could make to world peace etc.

Actually, things are a little more simple. Jobseekers will usually tell you that they're interested in the following aspects of a job in the following order:

  • Where it is
  • How much it pays
  • What will I be doing

That's why I've decided to add an entry to my jobs.ac.uk blog about finding jobs in Manchester.

You'd think that most people visiting jobs.ac.uk would be interested in just academic and related jobs. And you'd be right.

But many of them are also, 'general jobseeker' who may or may not be interested in working academia or Higher Education. Rather, they're looking for a job in their local area - and in this case, Manchester.

We do, surprisingly, have a lot of jobs in the city. It's really come on in recent years and is, apparently, a great place to live. 

So, if you're looking for a job in the North West and in Manchester in particular, please check out this page:


December 12, 2007

Managing with Emotional Intelligence

Over the last couple of days I’ve attended an excellent course on ‘Managing with Emotional Intelligence’.

The course took place at HRI Wellsbourne and was run by Bob Thomson of Warwick’s Centre for Academic Practice Shirley Crookes, of the The University of Warwick’s Counselling Service.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Well, this Wikipedia article explains it better than I can. You’ll see that it is a controversial theory that doesn’t have much scientific validity.

Apparently it doesn’t (I’m no expert).


Whether the theory is valid or not, what I found really useful over the last couple of days was the opportunity to think about how emotions affect the way I and my colleagues worked.

During the course, we covered a lot of ground. We discussed in great deal the idea of positive or negative ‘self-talk’. Or, in other words, the language that you use with ‘yourself’ (whatever that is) as you go about the world.

In Emotional Intelligence, the idea is that, with lots of practice, you can learn to monitor your self-talk. Your aim is to become ever more aware of your perceptions and how they affect how you feel and act.

Once you’re able to do this, you can start to choose how to feel. You can choose to think, feel and act in positive rather than negative ways.

Emotional Intelligence is not for the faint-hearted

By this I mean that learning to become more emotionally intelligent takes time. It takes effort. And it takes commitment.

However, it was clear after this course, that the prize – an emotionally intelligent and calmer self – would be well worth the price. And the wait.

Thanks again Bob and Shirly for an excellent and thought-provoking couple of days.

December 16, 2004

Bloggers' block

When I search on – guess what – GOOGLE what else, for the term 'bloggers' block' I get 345,000 results (in 0.73 seconds mind).

Well that's good isn't it!?

There I was, suffering from…bloggers' block (or is that blogger's block?) and I thought,


NOW I've got something to write, oops, sorry, blog about! I can blog away at NOT being able to…well, blog away!'

Stroke of _genius _I thought.


Stroke of, 'Yes, clever clogs, thousands and thousands of people have thought of the same term and struggled with the same problem! Yawn, yawn, yawn…' more like.

But this doesn't help. I've STILL got blogger's/bloggers' block and I have NO idea what I'm going to blog about.

Mmmm (scratches head thoughtfully).

December 13, 2004

My first posting

*Hello world! *

Welcome to my BLOG!

Hey, this is GREAT! Just G-R-E-A-T!

"I'm Blogging momma!"

Ye-HA! Wow. I've got SO many big plans for this blog – it's going to be so COOL!

Yep, wow…

Okaaayyyy…_now _what?!

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