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October 22, 2007

Operations Management Lesson 1 Exercise

For this first blog I have chosen the way of doing “Pizza” and the role of “Pizza Chef”, describing how this job is important in designing the operation model of doing pizza.

The “Pizza Chef” is responsible of the whole phases of making pizza, with great attention on these important stages:

-      kneading (dough), “leaven-balls” preparing, leavening, manipulation, spicing, baking;

-      managing of storehouse and stocks, raw material conservation;

-      using and taking care of equipments;

-      managing the activities from the financial and administrative point of view;

-      taking responsibility of the relationships with suppliers and customers.

A skilled “Pizza Chef” is also able in “playing” with pizza, rotating it in acrobatic and choreographic way, sometimes at rhythm of music (see photo below).

A “Pizza Chef” has to know the whole kind of flours (light, whole meal…) and how to handle them with the other ingredients in order to achieve a mixture of good quality, accordingly with the whether and the seasons (different temperature degrees and different levels of humidity lead to different ways of managing the dough).

A good “Pizza Chef” must be able in preparing different kind of Pizzas (thin, thick, soft), accordingly with customer tastes and he must know the ovens capabilities, in order to manage the cooking point.

A “Pizza Chef” is also responsible of the dough quantity to be prepared with regard to the day of the week and to the forecasted number of customers to be served.

Other important factor is the creativity; there are several recipes that offer an infinite series of “new pizzas” with innovative tastes and aromas.

The capabilities of a “Pizza Chef” are crucial for the development of the pizza-restaurant business;

in fact, as a perfect Operation Manager, he has to take care at “volume” and “characteristic” of pizzas (quantitative and qualitative approach) and he has to succeed in meeting customer requirements (performance objective).

Referring to the “Operation and Process Management” we can state that the job of the “Pizza Chef” covers all the tasks of an operation manager:

-      coordinating the design of the process,

-      planning the ongoing operations (delivering),

-      developing the process over time.

Pizza with potatoes

pizza preparationpizza preparation 2rotating

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