May 03, 2011

RDM– Tools are never bias, bias are the decision makers

I'd like to end this PMA with a thought that tools are never bias, bias are the decison makers. We tend to criticise and call these tools subjective when the real problem is within the decision maker himself. Rather than trying to create more and more effective tools of decision making and thinking that the best decision making tool will produce the best result, it is actually the decision maker who should try to imporove himself. He must be free of all bias, mental models, heurisitics, etc. It is his job to not fall in this trap and be objective at all times.

While doing the presentation work, I am sure many of us fell in this trap. There were so many times when our mental models and pre conceived notion took a stand against all objectivity. Sometimes we believe in things so strongly that our minds get closed and we are no longer rational beings. I personally, am so convinced with my own thinking that I cannot accept a contradictory notion. 

Sometimes mental models are also a form of arrogance or ego as we are so sure about our pre conceive notions. I'd like to test if in general egoistic and arrogant people create more mental models  than the others or are more driven by heurisitcs in comparison to others. This may be true because egoistic and arrogant people don't easily open up to new ideas. This makes me also wonder if arrogant and egoistic people aare ctually bad decision makers? Not generalising, but would love to test this theorem..

Anyways... Not just in in decision making but to be successful in any front, we have to do things wisely. We can't become wise in one days time... its again a cycle of continuous improvement...

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  1. i Agree with your point that bias comes from the decision maker. . . . But i also believe that bias comes from the tools…...........

    Tools were based in the logic reasoning of human beings who have developed them. . . They mainly use maths for calculations (at least the most objective ones like decision trees or AHP). However if we look the concept in a more philosophicla way the reasoning of people is not logical. . . We leave in a world of irrationality. . .

    You might disagree but i am asking you:

    Provided that logic is correlated with maths (i think this a common unbiased assumption) can you please tell me “why 1+1=2”. I cannot find any reasonal explanation of the basis of the maths. Thus maths are irrational and consequently logical people are irrational as well as the decision making tools that they created. . . . . .

    If you keep thinkg on that you become crazy which may turn you into a logic person. . . . . .

    05 May 2011, 22:28

  2. PS: away from philosophy it destroys people….............. hahahahahahahhaha

    05 May 2011, 22:30

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