May 01, 2011

RDM– I cannot be unbiased, I am not GOD ! So then, lets be rightly biased !?!

Have you ever thought about the fact that no two people will tend to make the same decision or act in a similar manner even if they are given exactly the same information. Interesting, right?

We all are different and that's what makes everything so interesting. No matter how much we talk about being unbiased and robust, we all tend to add a certain element of our own nature and characterisitcs to the decisions we make. We can never be fully unbiased. We are not GOD. Ever since we are born, we are born with a bias. Everything that we have watched, observed and understood from the time we are born, slowly and powerfully becomes a part of us and moulds us into who we are today. Infact biasness is a very crucial part of our individuality. We are biased towards different colors, people, clothes, food, etc. This is what we are and this is what makes us different from the others. Imagine a world where no one is biased. Wouldn't it be so boring? Everyone would be okay with everything, what a perfect world? We all talk about being perfect but a world that is too perfect can be deathly scary actually. 

Our biasness greatly influence our lives and the decisions we make. Bias is what makes us or destroys us. We are actually a product of our own bias. And there is nothing wrong with that. Make your mistakes and learn from them. Faliure actually brings us even closer to our success.

Since no one can be totally unbiased, can we actually try and be biased towards the right decision. Deep, right? But its possible I think. Easy and straightforward..Be well informed, always and your biasness will lead you to the right decision automaitically. Simple. Infact, eat right, be in good company, make right friends, watch informative things, read interesting things and then you'll be an intelligent person who'll be able to make the right decisions. All you would need to do is go a step further, research and gather information!! So in conclusion, be biased but towards the right decision ;)

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  1. OK and how you define which is the right question??????????? What is right and what i wrong at the end of the day. . . . .

    Also you say that a work without bias would be boring. . . I agree. You say that the God has no bias. . .Lets say you are right. Thus you say the God is boring. . . . . Fair conclusion? :)

    I see bias like common cause variation. You cannot avoid it. ... . Provided you do not know what is wrong and right (This standards was based by the religion and you know i am a little bit Godless :P) you have to leave with this and understand. . . . :)

    01 May 2011, 12:32

  2. i agree but one must try not to involve emotions when making a decision… emotions tend to alter the decisions made…

    02 May 2011, 01:34

  3. I would never try to suggest that God is boring, if in anyways my blog indicated that. All Im trying to say is that we all want perfection, but is perfection always good? Moreover, perfection to me is a myth that we all talk about but can never be truly achieved. Perfection to me indicates a saturation point where things become stagnant and when we are stagnant we decay. I think of perfection in a reverse way.
    Yep, I do agree Vagelis that bias is ofcurse a common cause variation that can never be excluded. Information collection, awareness and objectivity always has a huge role to play.
    And Sardar, fotunately or unfortunately whenever there is a human element involved, emotions will tend to be included.. cause often we think from our heart and not our mind…

    02 May 2011, 10:01

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