April 01, 2011

LE– Leaders are not born, they are made

While doing my PMA, aa question that often arises is whether the leaders are born or made. In my understanding, the way people behave, their personlity and their nature is not esentially by birth. I think its the learning that takes over the years is what moulds us to be the way they are today. I strongly believe its our upbringing, our observations, the mistakes we makes, the values taught to us by our parents, peers, school, education etc etc that is responsible for the basic fundaments/elements of our behaviour. Will I behave the same way if I had different parents, different kinds of friends, or if I went to a different school?? Yes.

Moreover, I think my thinking is also influence by the fact that I dont believe in destiny. I think whatever happens to us if not our fate, its the result of our actions. We are the creators of our destiny. We control our destiny and not the other way round. Same way, I think that when we are born, we are like clay and slowly moulded by external and internal factors into what we are today. Also, I like the flexibility and the openess of the idea that leaders are made and not born, this makes me believe that anyone can be a leader (whether situational, motivational, charismatic etc.), anyone can transform, continuous imporvement is always happening. We are not what we are just by nature, we make ourselves! We are the creators.

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  1. I strongly agree with you Aditi…....... However i have to say that there are people that they have a charisma as well…............ No matter how hard i try to play music i cannot be betoven…..... I will play due to hard work but nor as good as betoven…..... This was supported by the trait theory which among all the drawbacks is may have it said that traits are “the right staff” for a leader…..

    But yeah we are our choices….........

    03 Apr 2011, 00:53

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