March 28, 2011

LE– A popular topic

Over the last few days I have been going over the literature for Leadership. I find that Leadership is such a hot topic in the modern day orgnisations. organsiaitons are slowly trying to learn more and more about this subject. Within such a broad topic, What I find is that there are so many different thinkings and perspective on leadership theories. If few authors support a perspective there are many against it. I'm finding it quite hard to sum up all the information in the PMA, yes ofcourse there is no end to learning and acquiring knowledge but this doesnt seem to end. I have already started writing my PMA but with each book or journal I find new information that I need to take into account. Everytime this happens I am back to square one and questioning the fundamental aspects of PMA. 

The real problem is that even though there is so much literature that is useful, its very difficult to pick up the appropriate and relevant bits. Leadership is such an interesting PMA and I want to write it well. Whats motivating me is that Im thinking it in real terms. I view each aspect as how my recommendations and suggestions will affect the actual perfomance of a company. Infact this is precisely why I wanna get this right,  you can't afford to make mistakes when you're consulting an actual company. Our role as a consultant hold a lot of responsibility, our suggestion can either excel a company or proove disastrous...

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  1. Aditi, I had the same problem a few days back…. Overthinking and overanalysing… But I was in a worse position than you because I couldn’t even start writing my PMA… I was told to step back and see the problem from a different perspective & try to find a solution because when you overanalyse you end up with a more complicated answer than the one that you looked for… Leadership aspects are endless… So many years of studies cannot be learned and implemented in 5000 words… We just have to realise this and afterwards everything makes sense…

    29 Mar 2011, 15:49

  2. I agree with you Fani!! Overthinking and overanalysing can be such a problem.. but now I’m trying to focus more on how to practially apply these theories in the case of waveriders…because there is no end to the literature review for these theroies!!
    btw..I dont think there is an upper word limit for the LE pma..

    29 Mar 2011, 23:18

  3. I completely agree with both of you, overthinking and overanalysing, makes me stuck in my justification part! I couldn’t move forward! Last week I felt so confident with my selection, but then becoming confused again after re-thinking about it..what a challenging task, good luck guys

    30 Mar 2011, 00:54

  4. Hi , Aditi ,

    I also agree with you that leadership is a very popular topic ,and it last for decades . I think one reason why leadership is so popular and has many different theories is because that the evnironment change rapidly . Maybe in next second , the decesions would toally differ from previous . And that ’s why there is always new theroies come out for leaders and managers .

    While I am doing this PMA , I got the same problems like other commentors did. Overthinking and overanalysing , but I think these could help us with critical thinking . however , the process is not that appealing , ha . Well , I think we could make it , good lucy to us !!!

    31 Mar 2011, 16:28

  5. Thats right!! There is so much to analyse. But i’m enjoying writing this PMA.
    Good luck!!

    01 Apr 2011, 22:21

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