April 07, 2011

KBAM– Keep them healthy and safe

The meeting no. 5 is going on quite well. Finally everyone seems to know where they are going. We've had a tough week, specially since we just finished leadership PMA as well..KBAM has made us research so much and made us look into even the tiniest details that an organsiation must pay attention to.

Over the days, one crucial aspect that I've come across in the organsiation is Health and Safety.. I am actually suprised to see that so many organsiation today tend to overlook this crucial aspect. To me, Health and safety is beyond all aspect in the organisation. It is sad to see how silly mistakes, irresponisbility and igonrance can cause employees their life. It is very very sad because such things are very common and actually happen... Especially in developing countries.... Health and safety aspects vary across countries, where western countries have more stringent health and safety practises, the developing nations are still struggling to identify these best practices. The worst part is that these countries still maintain a boss-servant relation with their employees where employees are not values or treated with respect. As a result, they usually ignore the importance of health and safety practices and leave employees to their misery. It makes me sad to see how bosses can completely ignore such important aspects just cause they think its time consuming or costs money.

Value of life can never be measured in monetary terms... treat people with love, respect and care.. treat them with responsiblity and this world will be a such better place to live in...

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  1. Yes, because disasters happen so rare thus many companies tend to ignore their health and safety issues. Many disasters happened because of the companies didn’t want to “waste” their money. Only after something unfortunate happened, the companies would pay attention to the aspects that they overlooked before. But it’s always too late. It’s necessary to let all the organizations realize the importance of health and safety management, however, it’s difficult to achieve.

    10 Apr 2011, 23:12

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