May 21, 2011

KBAM– and this is how I connect safety culture to karma

Well I've been reading quite a bit on health and safety now.. (its something that I find of personal interest and thats why I've been blogging more in this area)..

Further to my previous blog, I find that safety culture in any organisation has three key aspects to it - behavioral, person and situational (the Cooper's safety culture model, 2009). Its interesting to note the interactive and reciprocal relationship shares betwen the three elements. Infact, these elements can be further divided to enable multi level analysis. If you're really interested in the aspect of health and safety you must read the work of Bandura, 1986; Cooper, 1999, 2000 and Choudhary et al. 2007 in the areas of safety culture. These authors also suggest that safety culture is actually the sub culture within organisation culture. Safety culture is a product of organisational values, beliefs and attitudes. Tomorrow, when we go on to become leaders, it is a must that we learn about the safety culture as its successful implementation can do wonders for any organisation.

Now the interesting it...A statement that I read and would like to share with you while reading about safety culture is that people are both a product and a producer of the environment.To me that simply means that we are the product of our actions and doings. We are what we create (For example, I believe that we all are to an extent responsible for creating terrorism.. we are now fighting a war that we had created.. not you or me in specific, but the world in general.. this may raise some eyebrows but then again its my view..) coming back to the point..if we are a product of our own would in turn mean that if we want to be a better product, we must seek to improve our actions so that we are able to impact the environment and the situations around us.

Noqw basically in deep spiritual terms, we are the creaters of our own destiny, but then there is karma which comes and bites us later on.... So in essence (if you believe in karma/destin or scientifically Newton's law , etc. etc.) we are responsible for our actions because every action has an opposite and equal reaction.... Be good else your karma will bite you hard later on..

Well, in organsiational terms and in safety culture dimension nurturing good behaviours, right attidue, caring for your people, supportive environment is like good action/deeds which lead to good results/karma else organisations (we) pay the consequences.

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  1. I strongly see your point and agree with that…........ Great blog Aditi…..........

    We are the outcome of our own choices (Camus)............ Whatever you decide and do now will affect you later. In the same essense we have created this ecological disaster or the social problems…..... However the blames are the same for everyone….. Whatever is the case is time to think about it and change the way we do things…..... Increasing responsibility and awareness in our daily lifes is essential in my eyes.

    21 May 2011, 10:45

  2. Great blog Aditi!! Totally agree that we get back from the Universe what ever we give… If all the employees and memebers ofcompanies began to trust in this fair policy of the Universe- knowledge sharing and creation would be a much simpler process. They would be urged to pass on all the precious knowledge they obtain around to others without trying to hold on to what they have, knowing that they are going to receive more and more as they give :)

    22 May 2011, 16:57

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