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April 07, 2011

KBAM– Finally done!

Well well, today's meeting lasted for roughly about 10 hours and it feels so good to finally finish this task. So much has been achieved in the last few days of this modul..Although our journey wasn't very easy.. we started off as a group of five very confused and blank faces and now I smile thinking about how much we have already explored KBAM in the last couple of days...and all I can say is the KBAM was definitely not a very easy journey..

KBAM encompassed the entire wholistic view of the organsiation, these are not merely some problems that we need to solve as consultants, its much beyond that... its giving the company a comprehensive approach to manage all there assets to produce long term benefits. Firstly, we didnt know where to start, the company could possibly have thousands and thousand of assets. It was difficult to first assume what assets to cover, then came the part of understand and investigating the material related to these things... and you'll be amused to find that each component is such a massive topic by itself.. Once that was done, it was difficult to decide which material to pick and fit into the presentation... everything seems just so relevant!! There were times when our presentation slides could actually reach a count of 70-80 or so....The last bit and the most important was our implementation plan where we really had to think hard and had to think real..everything is suppose to make sense, the prpoposal should be cost effective and feasable..tis was quite challenging and then ofcourse, not to foget that there were times when someone would come up with a whole new way of looking at things and at those times we'd have to pause and completely change our entire methodology (for the better ofcourse!)...

KBAM was a long long journey... however, its not always the result that matter, the journey is equally important and I must say it was quite a fantastic one.. But I must admit it such a good relief to finally finish this presentation, it was quite a task!!

KBAM– Keep them healthy and safe

The meeting no. 5 is going on quite well. Finally everyone seems to know where they are going. We've had a tough week, specially since we just finished leadership PMA as well..KBAM has made us research so much and made us look into even the tiniest details that an organsiation must pay attention to.

Over the days, one crucial aspect that I've come across in the organsiation is Health and Safety.. I am actually suprised to see that so many organsiation today tend to overlook this crucial aspect. To me, Health and safety is beyond all aspect in the organisation. It is sad to see how silly mistakes, irresponisbility and igonrance can cause employees their life. It is very very sad because such things are very common and actually happen... Especially in developing countries.... Health and safety aspects vary across countries, where western countries have more stringent health and safety practises, the developing nations are still struggling to identify these best practices. The worst part is that these countries still maintain a boss-servant relation with their employees where employees are not values or treated with respect. As a result, they usually ignore the importance of health and safety practices and leave employees to their misery. It makes me sad to see how bosses can completely ignore such important aspects just cause they think its time consuming or costs money.

Value of life can never be measured in monetary terms... treat people with love, respect and care.. treat them with responsiblity and this world will be a such better place to live in...

KBAM– Meeting Number 4

Today is a Wednesday, quite close to Friday's presentation... Today was our meeting number 4..which went on from 2 pm till late night (and late means really late).. I am tired and confused ..KBAM is such a huge topic... I can write a dissertation on every subtopic within KBAM. So much information but how to pick the most relevant information?? How do we know if we're in the right direction or not? Paul said be creative and we're trying to be.. we're thinking real. Yet, there is some fear whether have we done enough? Have we achieved the goal?

And then comes in elements such as group think and bias? Are we picking up information that we think we like and ignoring the ones which we dont feel strongly towards? Bias can be such a crucial factor.. Another thought, are we making decisions based on groupthinking? Sometimes, you dont even know when groupthinking is happening... you're not aware...sometimes someone says something and because you dont have any idea regarding just end up saying yes.. group thinking is to an extent impacted no only by individual behavioral aspects but also by lack of information.. sometimes you dont have enough information to support or appose views..and then you fall into the trap of groupthinking...

You have to always be aware...dont make decisions without having adeqaute information..dont be intutive be rational... infact, have diverse people with different skills in your team..that way the bias and groupthink will reduce..

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