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April 06, 2011

KBAM– The right decisions and the best decisions

Another point that came across in the seminar was that sometimes CEO and managers have to take decisions that are difficult... differentiating between the right decision and the best decisions..

As Paul said in class that sometimes Managers have to take decisions that are in the best long term interest of the company but may result but may end up disengage employees...  Although these decisions may bring them closer towards organisational goals but will actually make them very unpopular.. but at the same time be an effective leader you need the continuous support from your can you be an effective leader and yet be unpoupular?? Does it actually happen that a leader is able to do good for the organsiation but is not liked by his employees? I think such a leader may be able to bring in drastic changes in line with the long term vision of the comapny but will not be able to sustaing his leadership for a long time with the disengaged employees...

So the tradeoff is important? A leader must take in interest not only of the organisation but also in terms of his employees... Another thought.. if he is popular, he may be able to bring in drastic changes anyhow without getting his employees disegngaged or annoyed.. For example, a CEO treats his employees really well, does a lot for them and is extremely poupular.. when he tries to change  a policy which will result in their coffee breaks being cut down from 20 mts to 15....will he be able to bring in this change smoothly?He might just be able to if he's convincing enough and liked by employees...

Again, tradeoff between the right decision and the best decision is very critical... I believe that a leader should be such who does good for the employees and can yet take drastic steps in favor of the organsiation without caring too much about his popularity. Its easy to be poupular but very difficult to bring in drastic changes in favor of the organisation...

KBAM– The decision making process

Are we intutive decision makers or rational ones?

In the situation awareness exercise I witnesses that intutions tend to drive our decision making process in the absence of adequate information. Infact, sometimes we even tend to make intutive decisions in the presence of limited information. We believe that whatever information we have is adequate,  the point is we often dont challenge the exisiting knowledge that we have. And this is common practise.The questions we need to ask ourselves before making robust decisions is that is this information aequate? Is there any more information that I can find supporting this view? Then go a step further and challenge your own research..find information that apposes your thoughts. We often stop when we find adequate supporting information and don't take that extra step. And this is one of the major reasons people tend to make mistakes in their decision making.. they take all the information that supports their ideas and completely ignore the contrary views on it. This way although we collect convincing information to support views, it is still not sufficient..

This applies anywhere and everywhere... in our day to day life... taking this extra step would actually lead us towards excellence :) I hope I am able to make this as common practise in ny own decision making process...

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