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October 17, 2010

Back at University – 4th Year

Writing about web page

I have recently started back at Warwick for my 4th and final year. I am focussing on Sustainability this year - and hence my final degree title will be "Mechanical Engineering with Sustainability". I am also studying Chinese as an overload, as this is bound to be a useful skill, at least on a basic level, for the future.

Today I created an online CV, which may be useful for future careers and networking -

I am also continuing my role as careers representative for the Engineering department, filtering through the large amount of recruitment information for graduates and just supplying the relevant stuff.

Warwick Jailbreak is the large charity hitch hike event that I lead, and will be happening in a few weeks time (36 hours from 6th-7th November). This year we are hoping to raise in excess of £20,000 for UNICEF and get around 300 participants involved. Successful teams in previous years have got as far as Tenerife, Cyprus, Morocco and all across Europe! See


September 09, 2010

Step Presentation and Awards 2010 – Eneco Wind UK

I am now nearing the end of my summer placement with Eneco Wind UK Ltd, where I have been looking specifically at novel access system designs for offshore wind farms.

Today I gave a short presentation of my work, and it was good enough to be awarded the best STEP project of 2010! The official award title is "Most Enterprising Student of the West Midlands 2010". I am very proud of this achievement and hope to build on it to further my career in the industry.

The summary of this report is given below. Please note that this is a report done for a University project and does not necessarily reflect the views of Eneco Wind UK.

Zone 7 is a large offshore wind farm project off the West coast of the Isle of Wight, which is currently in the planning stage. According to the plan, it should reach financial close in 2014 and be fully operational by 2018. An important part of operating such an offshore wind farm is securing a method of accessing the wind turbines. This report focuses on analysis of various methods available as well as new approaches, with a view to suggesting a valid solution. The winning solution will be a trade off between economics, technical innovation and health and safety. Many different solutions are assessed in detail according to these merits. No firm conclusion can be drawn at this stage, but provisional suggestions are made. The final proposed solution will be given at the end of the STEP placement on 1st October 2010, in a report for Eneco, which will contain a more detailed and thorough analysis of all technologies to justify the conclusion.

Until next time,


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