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March 06, 2011

Build my own wind turbine from scratch?

Writing about web page

In the early hours of Sunday morning while I was attempting to finish the Weibull curve fitting section of my assignment, I stumbled upon "The wind turbine recipe book". It immediately struck me as something I wanted to do - build my very own wind turbine. I'm hardly expecting the megawatts here but I think it will be a very useful exercise to carry out in the summer after graduation and before I fit into a job (most likely in September). Would I be able to build my own micro-generator and how much would it cost me (time and money) to do so? I want to find out, so this is on the agenda now!

Wind turbine recipe book 06-03-2011

It looks like it's been written by a guy who is a bit of an enthusiast. Whilst it might not be the most neat of websites or appearances, I'd stick with "never judge a book by it's cover". I think I can get a lot from this, and building a wind turbine will be a huge benefit to my knowledge for a future career.

What will I power with it though? That's the next question. I don't really see myself trying to get it on the Feed In Tariff. As this will be quite small scale (probably about 2kW...?) I might aim to charge a set of batteries or something. Then I could use that power as and when needed for any number of interesting purposes. The example that comes to mind is the pedal powered sound system at the University of Warwick's go green week. Anyway we'll see about that. By the time summer rolls round, if I have the time and resource to do this I might just dedicate a whole blog to it.

October 17, 2010

Back at University – 4th Year

Writing about web page

I have recently started back at Warwick for my 4th and final year. I am focussing on Sustainability this year - and hence my final degree title will be "Mechanical Engineering with Sustainability". I am also studying Chinese as an overload, as this is bound to be a useful skill, at least on a basic level, for the future.

Today I created an online CV, which may be useful for future careers and networking -

I am also continuing my role as careers representative for the Engineering department, filtering through the large amount of recruitment information for graduates and just supplying the relevant stuff.

Warwick Jailbreak is the large charity hitch hike event that I lead, and will be happening in a few weeks time (36 hours from 6th-7th November). This year we are hoping to raise in excess of £20,000 for UNICEF and get around 300 participants involved. Successful teams in previous years have got as far as Tenerife, Cyprus, Morocco and all across Europe! See


May 03, 2010

Presenting my maglev to the IET

Writing about web page

On the 28th April (the day after our project deadline) I went to Birmingham to an IET event to give an oral presentation of my project to a panel of industry judges. this was an interesting event as I really got an insight into what other young Engineers were doing from different universities. Matthew Broxham came with me as he worked on the electrical part of the maglev, and we presented it together. The audience seemed to enjoy it and were impressed, however in many ways we were bringing a knife to a gunfight, because the competition was fierce and at an industry level. The winners were two guys who had saved corus £0.5million with steel cobbling.

Even so, the judges had a lot of positive things to say about our presentation:

Adam Lord and Matthew Broxham - Maglev
Adam and Matthew started well with a good video as a scene setter and showed very good technical knowledge throughout the presentation, particularly when answering questions. It would have been beneficial to see some thoughts on industrial applications and improvements that could have been made. A two-man presentation is often difficult and the hand-overs would have benefitted from more practice; both presenters did well, however it would have helped to have the quieter Matthew by the microphones.
Audience interest was well maintained throughout and there was some good use of humour (although occasionally at the expense of speaking over each other). A stronger conclusion would perhaps have finished the presentation off better than sliding into the question session.
Adam and Matthew scored solidly in most areas, but failed to gain key marks in the relevance to industry (although they may not have been told that this was one of the judge's criterion, consideration of the audience should have made this clear).


If you want to see the video that we played to them at the start, go here:

And more videos are here:

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