January 29, 2011

Right, time to take the job hunt to the next level

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I'm determined not to be one of those graduates that ends up at a loose end when June rolls around. So this is my masterplan for planning a career. I've basically dedicated a wall of my room to it, which will get progressively filled up.

Careers wall

I've already been in to speak with a few staff at Eneco who have offered their words of wisdom. But ultimately it's up to me to find myself a decent (and I don't mean well paid) job. I'm after a position in probably a large company, and probably not a generic graduate scheme. I just want to get my hands dirty and work on real wind projects (most likely offshore). Well, it's not going to be straightforward to get into that. Since my last blog post I think I've just been getting stuck in the "HR loop" - where none of my potential bosses are actually glancing at my cover letter or CV. So the next step is to make my CV bolder, cover letter more tailored to each company and get the message out to people that will actually be interested in what I will do for them.

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  1. Rachel

    I’m at a crossroads in my life. I have to decide what aspect of materials science to specialize in. I thought I’d decided on alumnia and other refractory materials but other things have been thrown into the mix and I’m now also considering composite materials – reinforcements and perhaps one of the matrix composites (probably metal or organic).

    29 Jan 2011, 18:26

  2. Rachel

    I can’t completely rule out (i Don’t like turning my back on something because it may turn out to be the thing that really scintillates my yearning for knowledge and that is made for me (or maybe I am made for!)) – electronic, graphitic, metallic. Any of the alloys, nuclear materials or polymeric materials.

    29 Jan 2011, 19:32

  3. Maybe you should scrap metallurgy and become a pharmacist? I know someone else who has been in a very similar dilemma…

    30 Jan 2011, 09:08

  4. Sue

    I know who she is too, I think we have a mutual friend and she’s a Physicist (note the large P).

    30 Jan 2011, 22:51

  5. Haha – not sure about that one Sue.

    30 Jan 2011, 22:55

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