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May 07, 2006

Update – Job and Road trips

Well, after a chance meeting with Casey in Varsity I promised I'd write on my blog with a life update…so here goes!

Leaving Uni

24th March
alis_last_day_in_work 2
I didn't feel as sad as I imagined I would. Probably because I knew I would see everyone from the office again (I live with Rich, sing with Graham), however, I was given my first bouquet of flowers, which was gorgeous. (see photo for proof!) Rich and I had great fun trying our hand at arranging the flowers into every vase we could find in the house!

New Job

27th March
I started my new job in eCommunications Development on the 27th March. It's pretty much what I expected, which is good. An added bonus/problem is that I'm the main route to getting information online so I've got quite a lot of responsiblity, making sure that the website is accurate and up–to–date. It's good in someways as I get to meet most people in the office, however, it also meant that when I returned from WiM I had a full inbox with website requests which took nearly 2 days to reduce to zero. It's not too much admin. though as I also have some exciting projects to get on with!


8th April - 16th April
WiM is Revelation Rock–Gospel Choirs annual event, where members of different Rev choirs meet up for a week to socialise, learn new songs and perform in a concert…there's too much to write in this entry so I'll put it in a follow–up…

My 24th Birthday

17th April
Well – I can't really say much as I slept through a lot of it recovering from WiM. Main points were:

  • A trip to Morrison's to buy some chocolate birthday cake (never ate it as I was asleep)
  • An hour's play with my birthday present (Eye toy for PS2)
  • Getting woken up by Liam at 9pm as he wanted to know where my party was being held as he hadn't been invited (there wasn't a party of any kind if anyone's offended by not getting an invite!)

Israel Houghton Concert

22nd April
This was amazing my ideal type of concert – without screaming girls and lots of God (there were whistles at the beginning but they were banned on H& S grounds!)

See Thor's blog for a in-depth review

Forum Weekend in York

29th - 30th April
This involved getting up at 6.15am on a Saturday to drive to York in time for Forum. Sounds like a crazy reason for getting up so early, but another reason for going to York was Hayley's 25th Birthday party – which was lots of fun!

On the way back from York we went to Sarah Brown's house in Bradford. Thankfully my sat nav. decided to start working so I didn't get lost on the Leeds ring road. After a cup of tea we (Rich, Thor, Nikki, Hayley, Jess, Josie, Mark, Sarah and myself) went to Abundant Life Church. All I can say is "Let's do church!"

Trip to the parents

My update concludes with a trip to Rich's parents. We went to Barrow(?) Market (That's what it sounded like, but could just as easily have been called Harrow, Bower etc.) It is a big outdoor food market where we tested lots of olives, cheese and bread and eventually bought some bread pudding, stuffed vine leaves and olives. We added in a quick trip around the Tate Modern (which I love) and a drop in at my Dad's house on the way back to pick up a strimmer to attempt to cut the lawn with!

All in all a pretty typical month – busy with lots of Rev and road trips!

March 22, 2006

One day to go!

Follow-up to Brain Dump from 1129 - Ali's () blog

I've only got one day left here and my 'brain dumps' have been completed and put onto 7 pages of A4, It's quite worrying how I've worked here for nearly two years and my entire job, including a project plan for Warwick Shootout can be condensed into 150kb Word document!

I got my first (and possibly only) leaving card today. It amused me muchly as the front of it said "I used to be an atheist, until I realised I was God" the giver of the card (who will remain nameless as I'm sure they will read this) seemed a bit worried about the irreverency of the card (I'm guessing they knew I was a Christian!), but made me think about cards in general…

so, how do you go about choosing a card for someone? Do you…
  • Think about the qualities of the person and choose a card suitable?
  • Buy a charity card, to make a good impression?
  • Pick the cheapest card possible, as you're a student and don't believe in giving cards?
  • Forget to buy a card until the last minute and buy the first one that comes to hand?
  • Send an e-card?
  • Just send a text?
  • Make one?
  • Send a card that you bought for someone else, but forgot to send?

March 20, 2006

Brain Dump

Writing about web page

I've just spent most of the day trying to write down everything that I do in my job so that when I leave on Friday, no one will miss me (in a work sense)


I've come to the conclusion that I'm only a project planner in my head, as I could write down everything that is sorted and needed to be sorted out by Rich and Kay for Warwick Shootout, but until now there was no written form of it!

My Competitive Streak

I think I'm designed to hold mental lists in my head…guess that's the computer scientist in me, or maybe it was the vast amount of card/strategy games I played when I was little which made me do calculations and remember things to win. Who knows…

Light at the end of the tunnel

Anyway – the "Warwick Shootout Guide" is now sitting happily on our shared drive and I've only got to write the "What I do for "Warwick Skills" Guide" now…

The hidden student

Over lunch Kay sent Rich, Graham and I out to the Suppliers' fair to see who we could find with useful services what free stuff we could obtain for Warwick Skills, or Warwick Shootout . With a combination of flirting, explaining to a lot of stands that we weren't students and were genuinely interesting in what they had to offer, waving of staff badges and corporate speak we managed to find:

  • A possible jazz band for Warwick Shootout – although we all agreed that Rich was a better sax. player!
  • A chocolate fountain – which we just had to test…
  • Good Fairtrade wine – tested by Rich and Graham as alcohol doesn't like me
  • Free paper – always useful
  • A company to make us a posh display – Kay likes these as they 'pops up like an umbrella'
  • A diary / notepad making company

and also,

  • A cuddly dog – a great pillow for those of us who had a cheese and chocolate overdose
  • A cuddly frog – to make our kissing frog couple* a threesome
  • 5 bananaleaf boats, which we filled with the free sweets from Unitemps
  • An exciting looking tin box, disappointingly hiding only a keyring

*Come to visit our office space and you can see what I mean

February 20, 2006


I've just been congratulated for being poetic, all I said was:

My Groupwise is just sitting there, like a frog on a lilypad

…at least I can log in now, even if I can't see any emails, although since returning from lunch my Firefox tabs and favourites have reverted to about a year ago…

Student Cookery

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

As Casey has been so wonderful in getting the Revelation Concert on the front page of Insite, I thought I should repay the publicity and have added her cookery guide to our Induction pages, at

If anyone has any suggestions of things that are missing, or that need updating, please let me know.

Please note: these pages are designed for when you get to Warwick, not before, so choosing accommodation etc. should not be included as they are covered by the University's Welcome pages .

January 17, 2006

Tasks, Tshirts and tea

hmmm….I have a busy day ahead of me!

So far I have managed to wake up, get dressed and carry an amp to my car and proceeded to get it stuck under the parcel shelf and then got myself stuck in the traffic jam between Earlsdon and campus (grrrr – people who want to turn right at the Canley roundabout but go in the middle lane)

I've written a few blog entries over the past few days plugging Skills courses – yes, it is blatant advertising (wait until I start plugging Warwick Rev's concert*) but personally I think the courses are beneficial, even if I didn't do them when I was a student, and unless anyone has got any other ways of letting everyone know…

So, that's work until 5pm.

After work, I've got about half hour for some food before going to a Rev Exec. meeting, Media team meeting and Rev itself, followed by the social and somehow getting enough sleep before I have to come to work again tomorrow :(

Hmmm…and I'm meant to be meeting my supervisor at some point today!

Mental (now typed) list currently is:

  • Organise more of Warwick Shootout
  • Find out Tshirt prices for Warwick Shootout
  • Speak to Dan about Rev Hoodies
  • Play with SPSS
  • Advertise Skills courses
  • Email media/concert team to remind them to come to Media/Concert team meeting at 7.15pm tonight.
  • Think of a good name for the concert*
  • Write National Rev website report for Edinburgh Forum on Saturday.
  • Recruit media/concert team members whenever possible
  • Publicise concert*!!
  • Label photos in Rev photo gallery

Owch - I'm going to be busy!

*4th March 2006. Methodist Central Hall (title and ticket price to be decided)

January 04, 2006

If the University could…

Writing about web page

…run any course, what would it be?

I've been sitting at my desk, making sure that all the online signups are working and was considering which courses I'd do as an undergraduate.

Obviously there's the great for your CV courses, like Communication Skills and Problem Solving and Teamwork

but there's also the graduate employers will love it courses that show you're an round person like Creative Writing and Introduction to Enterprise

Although, I still think there's some space for life skills courses, alongside courses like Personal Finance

I was thinking something like 'Healthy food on a budget' or maybe a course in writing and interpreting technical manuals for things like flat-pack furniture (had a bit of a disaster building a chest from IKEA yesterday) or a course on how to sort out heating problems, 'You and your boiler' starring in-house case studies, such as Jill and Casey

So, if you could do any course in the world, what would it be and why?

September 08, 2005

PhD Blogs

Writing about web page

I've been searching Google for useful links for PhD students and came across the PhDWeblogs website.

Thought some people might like to register their Blogs…

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