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December 29, 2005

Cravings, Christmas and Cosiness


I've just been sitting here realising that I'm missing campus, not the buildings but being able to walk around and bump into people for a random chat. I've even succumbed to the evils of MSN to have a chat to people [currently talking to Thor, Matt, and Jess]

Obviously I'm craving Rev too, but virtual Re[ve]lationships still exist in the land of National Rev

Oh, and before I get a complaint, I'm missing housemate Thor too!


As everyone seems to be asking me – I went to Rich's for Christmas and had a relaxing time reading books, sleeping and eating. I just discussed with Matt that I may be oversleeping (11 hours a night), but I think I shall call it hiberating, so I'm ready for next term. I returned to Coventry on Tuesday (after a 6 hour drive up from London) and I am waiting for the opportunity to build another snowman


Not knowing what I wanted for Christmas I told Rich that I would like anything that would make me cosy. Rich did extremely well and bought me a sheep teapot (for those who know me it will make a lot of sense). It's cute and has a 'tea for ewe', it's also the exact size for two mugs of tea! Here's a photo of it:

September 16, 2005


Follow-up to I'm going again!!!! from 1129 - Ali's () blog

Just realised that I never did report back from RESITS


Spent the day driving from Cov (via Solihull to pick up Jen) to Edinburgh. This trip, having done it annually for the past 3 years, takes about 5 1/2 hours. This time it took 9.

It started at 11am when Multimap took us on the quickest route to Jen's house in Solihull via a packed M42 (1 hour gone) Then the Birmingham powercut on the Friday night meant that everyone decided to drive north on the Saturday instead…in 3 hours I had driven 50 miles up the M6…We got to Edinburgh at 8pm – shattered and just in time for the last chord of the rehearsal. We then found that our car (Jen, Rich, Thor and I) were on washing up duty….hmmmm..


Despite it being my 3rd year at RESITS I've never been to a Church service in the church we stayed at (I thought this was a bit odd until I realised that I wasn't Christian the first year I went to RESITS and last year I wasn't in Edinburgh on a Sunday).

Anyhow – this year we ended up singing at the Church as a "Thank you!" for our home for the week. The church, Viewforth, had two Sunday morning celebrations; the first being the "traditional" service, which was followed by the "contemporary" service. The sermon was joke-for-joke the same in both services however the main differences were that the second service had a piano playing 'modern' songs, compared to an organ playing hymns and the second service had open prayers, rather than set prayers read off a data projector. It was a bit sad to see that (excluding Revvers who doubled the congregation in both services) there were only 40-odd people attending the Church that obviously, by the size and decoration, must have had over 500 not so long ago.

Sunday night was sunny so we walked to the Meadows where we sang / learnt a few more songs. It was all going pretty well – bearing in mind that we had met for the first time 24 hours ago – then it rained. We got wet – very wet.

Monday and Tuesday to follow on another entry…

*NB. If you've just skim read this entry and are a bit confused why I've not talked about exams… RESITS stands for Revelation in Edinburgh Singing In The Sun.

Holiday in Hull

Writing about web page

I'm off on my second Revelation trip of the summer!

This time it's to Hull Rev to join them for their Freshers rehearsal, followed by their 5th Birthday party and singing in the Church we're sleeping at on Sunday morning.

The plan was to follow that up with a trip to Aberdeen for their Fresher's week on Monday, but flights / trains / buses were too expensive and I didn't fancy driving from Aberdeen to Coventry on Tuesday…

It should be fun!

September 05, 2005

Wehey, Websites and Warwick

Wehey! I'm sooo happy!!!!!!!

All my problems over the weekend with National and Warwick Revelation websites have now been resolved. I have never been so happy to get a text than the one I got over lunch from Tony to announce the happy news :D I'm also pleased to say that, thankfully, neither problem was down to me and it was just coincidence that I happened to be working on the websites at the time they decided to disappear!

On the topic of websites...I'm trying to get all the Skills-related websites updated for the start of term, but the Warwick intranet is intermittently cutting out. Is this just for me or are some other people getting that problem too?

August 20, 2005

I'm going again!!!!

Follow-up to RESITS in Edinburgh from 1129 - Ali's () blog

As I blogged about this time last year, I'm going to RESITS again. That's Revelation in Edinburgh Singing In The Sun, for the non-Revvers among you!

Unlike last year I can go for the whole week this time, so there's going to be none of the 'leave work at 5pm, drive to Edinburgh through a thunderstorm to get there just before midnight'.

More reports when I get there…

June 12, 2005

Big list of things I need to do (for National Rev)

Writing about web page

Again, so Revvers can procrastinate:

  1. Fill in National Staff audit ready for Forum
  2. Write report about for Forum
  3. Add downloadable "Friends of Rev" documents
  4. Add York's concert to Events page
  5. Add new WIM CDs to Shop
  6. Rotate WIM 2005 photos
  7. Add Holly and Charlotte's photos

Any other requests?

Big list of things I need to do (for Warwick Rev)

Writing about web page

Doubt anyone is interested in this but I thought I'd blog about it as I know that some [Rev] people will want to procrastinate…

  1. Update announcements
  2. Put Yay! Mail on website
  3. Update Rev calendar
  4. Put new CDs on Shop page
  5. Inspired! pre-order
  6. Put remaining Exec. photos on website
  7. Transfer Warwick Rev. photos to National Rev website
  8. Edit code for messageboard so subject lines aren't so long

Disclaimer: These are numbered, and are in priority order, but that doesn't necessarily mean that that will be the order that I do these things in.

June 08, 2005

Happy and Hungry!

Yay! I'm in a really excitable mood today – I think it's because lots of cwl things have happened!

Things that have made me really happy in the past week (most of them involve Rev):

  1. Sun shining
  2. Hearing myself play bass on the WIM 2005 CD!
  3. Knowing that there are going to be two Rev rehearsals this week
  4. Adair and Jill singing Rain Down together for the first time - come to Summer Revvin' to hear it for yourselves!
  5. Revvers getting really excited about the Summer Revvin' Invites for their friends.
  6. Getting 24 teams (max. capacity) signed up for Warwick Shootout

Things that have impressed me:

  1. Being able to run up the spiral staircase from the Ground floor to the Top floor without stopping and with sandals on!
  2. The Uni. House cleaner cleaning the top of the glass (underneath the handrail) on the spiral staircase – I'd never have even thought of doing that!

February 25, 2005

Revelation Road trips (Durham)

Writing about web page

Over the past week and a bit I've been travelling to different Revelation around the country.

Last Tuesday, instead of going to Warwick Revelation, I went to Durham Revelation with Jon, Alex, Spenny and Loren. It was a bit weird as instead of the 100+ people we have in Warwick Rev, there were only 7 in Durham! They are a lovely friendly seven though and went to the bar with them after the rehearsal.

Durham compared to Warwick Rev

Plus points:

  • Easy to get to know the names of everyone in the choir
  • Pint of coke is only 40p
  • Easier to teach / conduct songs
  • More haribo per person

Negative points:

  • More obvious if you don't know the words
  • Rehearsal room had no windows
  • Hilly and cold

October 12, 2004

Anyone in Revelation got a Blog?

Writing about web page

If so, please could you add your blog address and a bit about yourself as a comment!

I think it would be a cool way of getting to know each other outside of Rev. Not to mention that having people we know commenting on our Blog entries will give us some virtual moral support, which is very Rev-like! (check out Aim 2 below!)

Revelation Aims

  1. To be a Christian-based Rock-Gospel choir incorporating other performing arts.
  2. To create a choir where people can build friendships, draw out hidden abilities, and be accepted for who and what they are.
  3. To develop this concept throughout institutions of further education worldwide.

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