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October 05, 2006

Public announcement

Writing about A New Beginning from [TBA]

As hinted on Thor’s blog and for those of you I haven’t bumped into recently or seen my Facebook profile.

Rich and I are engaged

For those of you who wondered why it took us so long, you should know the standards I laid out for the proposal.

  1. I had to be warm / cosy
  2. I had to be able to see the sea
  3. It couldn’t be in Coventry (implied by no. 1 and 2)
  4. No Revvers could be around (which ruled out an Omi – Kev copycat proposal at a Rev event)

Rich got full marks in all of these, going to the impressive lengths of proposing on top of a hill overlooking Barcelona, and hence the sea!

So far, we have:

  • 1 church booked (Westwood)
  • 1 1/2 bridesmaids (one who’s very excited, the half bridesmaid being the one I haven’t asked yet)
  • 1 member of a worship band
  • A first pass at a wedding list
  • Someone to marry
Any suggestions for reception venues would be gratefully received!

May 07, 2006

WiM – Week in March (but was in April)

Writing about web page

This review is well overdue – but better late than never!

It was my 3rd WiM, and I think the best one I've been too. I volunteered to be the admin/treasurer person, and because it happened over Easter week and the bank was shut I spent most of the week sleeping with the cash box instead of a cuddly toy, but apart from that:

Best Bits
  • Rich doing a solo in Rev for the first time
  • Getting to know Warwick Revvers better
  • Having a shower at Chrisi's on the 3rd day
  • Hearing the song I arranged performed in the concert
  • Buying a new air bed with pillow attached – best week's sleep of my life!
  • Being warm for the entire week
  • Seeing the Tshirts turn up the day before the concert
  • Introducing the Czech boys to England
  • Dancing with Kev whilst the other choir were singing
  • Having loads of people to talk to
  • Having a drink with old housemate Martyn in Wetherspoons'
  • Not having a computer for a week (see Worst bits)
Worst bits
  • Worrying about the cash box
  • Having a cash box instead of a cuddly toy
  • Forgetting my cuddly toy
  • Being so exhausted after WiM that I slept through the majority of my birthday
  • Accidentally walking into my air bed so limped around for half a day
  • Thinking that I'd lost the Czech boys (stood at the airport for an hour after their flight had arrived and not having found them!)
  • Discovering the 'shaky game'
  • Forgetting to play flute in "Getcha"
  • Trying to remember the words for "Getcha" because I'd forgotten to play flute
  • Getting the church evacuated when I was trying to make pancakes on a baking tray in the kitchen without the extractor fan on
  • Being in Chrisi's car when the exhaust broke
  • Not having a computer for a week (see Best Bits)
Funniest bits
  • Rich getting the sopranos, altos and tenors tongue–twisted so calling them "tomatoes"
  • Thor conducting, unaware that the cloud of smoke around him meant that we couldn't see him.
  • Balancing on one leg to play flute near a microphone whilst being able to see the conductor.
  • Finding out what the Czech boys were told about England "Girls are very nice, roads are weird and beer is bad"
  • Rich hugging (and nearly kissing) Jenny, thinking she was me!
Unexpected bit

Going along to a Prayer and Praise arranged by Jamie, Rich and Adair. I didn't really want to go, but decided that it would be rude not to as they had spent a lot of time arranging it and also they needed me to drive the band equipment! Anyhow, after some great worship, I ending up doing my testimony in front of 150 people, then becoming 'holy–spiritised'. So I felt lovesick (for God) for two weeks following WiM – which kept Thor entertained as it meant that I unusually stayed up late to chat to him, had about 4 hours sleep a night and couldn't eat properly, but had to go to work (only my 2nd week in my new job) as a hyperactive spirit–filled Christian, trying my best not to go into a evangelistic rant with my new workmates!

Update – Job and Road trips

Well, after a chance meeting with Casey in Varsity I promised I'd write on my blog with a life update…so here goes!

Leaving Uni

24th March
alis_last_day_in_work 2
I didn't feel as sad as I imagined I would. Probably because I knew I would see everyone from the office again (I live with Rich, sing with Graham), however, I was given my first bouquet of flowers, which was gorgeous. (see photo for proof!) Rich and I had great fun trying our hand at arranging the flowers into every vase we could find in the house!

New Job

27th March
I started my new job in eCommunications Development on the 27th March. It's pretty much what I expected, which is good. An added bonus/problem is that I'm the main route to getting information online so I've got quite a lot of responsiblity, making sure that the website is accurate and up–to–date. It's good in someways as I get to meet most people in the office, however, it also meant that when I returned from WiM I had a full inbox with website requests which took nearly 2 days to reduce to zero. It's not too much admin. though as I also have some exciting projects to get on with!


8th April - 16th April
WiM is Revelation Rock–Gospel Choirs annual event, where members of different Rev choirs meet up for a week to socialise, learn new songs and perform in a concert…there's too much to write in this entry so I'll put it in a follow–up…

My 24th Birthday

17th April
Well – I can't really say much as I slept through a lot of it recovering from WiM. Main points were:

  • A trip to Morrison's to buy some chocolate birthday cake (never ate it as I was asleep)
  • An hour's play with my birthday present (Eye toy for PS2)
  • Getting woken up by Liam at 9pm as he wanted to know where my party was being held as he hadn't been invited (there wasn't a party of any kind if anyone's offended by not getting an invite!)

Israel Houghton Concert

22nd April
This was amazing my ideal type of concert – without screaming girls and lots of God (there were whistles at the beginning but they were banned on H& S grounds!)

See Thor's blog for a in-depth review

Forum Weekend in York

29th - 30th April
This involved getting up at 6.15am on a Saturday to drive to York in time for Forum. Sounds like a crazy reason for getting up so early, but another reason for going to York was Hayley's 25th Birthday party – which was lots of fun!

On the way back from York we went to Sarah Brown's house in Bradford. Thankfully my sat nav. decided to start working so I didn't get lost on the Leeds ring road. After a cup of tea we (Rich, Thor, Nikki, Hayley, Jess, Josie, Mark, Sarah and myself) went to Abundant Life Church. All I can say is "Let's do church!"

Trip to the parents

My update concludes with a trip to Rich's parents. We went to Barrow(?) Market (That's what it sounded like, but could just as easily have been called Harrow, Bower etc.) It is a big outdoor food market where we tested lots of olives, cheese and bread and eventually bought some bread pudding, stuffed vine leaves and olives. We added in a quick trip around the Tate Modern (which I love) and a drop in at my Dad's house on the way back to pick up a strimmer to attempt to cut the lawn with!

All in all a pretty typical month – busy with lots of Rev and road trips!

February 19, 2006

Infections, Irritations and I.T

Writing about web page

It's only when you don't have something, that you miss it


Grrrr…I have had a silly eye infection, (which I now have eyedrops for) which has meant that I couldn't stand being near a computer (or anything else that involves looking at light) for 3 whole days. The whites of my eyes have turned red, which means that I get strange sympathetic looks from people as it looks like I've been crying incessantly for days.


After getting annoyed at being unable to do anything I planned (essay writing, checking emails, putting WiM applications online) I've spent my time sleeping (makes eyes hurt less) selling Revelation tickets (If you want one, email me, or go to , choosing new glasses with Rich (for Rich) and being fed up.


I've only been online for about 5 minutes, but my eyes are already stinging so I am having to type with my eyes closed. Going to do something paper-based now…

February 14, 2006

Parking, Parcels and Publicity

Writing about web page


I got home from work last night (whilst it was still light!!) hoping to get a parking space outside my house…Firstly Tara's car was directly outside my house and Mikey's car was a bit further down.

It would be good if they actually lived on my street

I thought there was just enough space to squeeze my car between the two of them, so I stopped ready to parallel park

despite being a girl I've lived in Earlsdon long enough to know that if you don't parallel park then you'll never park anywhere

put my car in reverse, and hey presto! neighbour stops their car directly behind me, meaning I can't reverse without hitting their car

I don't think they meant to do it, but we live on the bend in the road, so you can't see cars until the last minute

so I drove up the road to find another space…unfortunately, that meant parking outside Learning Grid Rachel's house, leaving no space for Rachel.

sorry, Rachel!


My parcels won't turn up

At the moment I am expecting 3 parcels:

  1. A box of Rev CDs (supposed to arrive last Thursday at the latest)
  2. A box of concert tickets from Warwick Print (supposed to arrive lunchtime today)
  3. A parcel from Amazon via courier (it was sent on the 1st February – Amazon resent it yesterday via Royal Mail – not the same courier – and it got here this morning)

The strange thing about the first Amazon parcel is that the courier left a calling card, however, instead of filling in the details they just left a random mobile number on it – which got through to "Sam's voicemail" – very odd!




  • Invites and posters for Raise the Roof will be handed out in the rehearsal again tonight.
  • Pin badges (to be sold for 50p) will also be made before the rehearsals
  • Any keen sewers out there want to help sew our new banners together?!! Please let me know!

February 01, 2006

Is it because…

…I mentioned Groupwise that my last entry was automatically tagged ITS?

If so, is it possible that whenever someone mentions Rev, Revelation, Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir or Revelation Rock Gospel Choir in their entries it is automatically tagged too?

Revelation: It's not just a choir, it's a way of life

January 31, 2006

The power of blogs

Writing about Newly found glory from [TBA]

If it wasn't for Thor's entry on Sunday, I would have told you:

  • About busking for NAGTY in Ramphal building
  • About my trip to Foleshill to buy material for the banners for the Rev concert on the 4th March.
  • About my inability to hear talking/melodies when loud music/noise is playing
  • Buying lifelong supplies of tumeric, bay leaves and lentils from a supermarket in Foleshill
  • Not managing to find Tesco Extra for the 5th time in my life, but for the first time not worrying about it (or running out of petrol) as we had already bought the essentials in Foleshill.
  • Taking 30 minutes to buy my "cute grey coat" from Central Six due to returning 4 items (some with and some without receipts), getting student discount, and faulty discount and having a stressed shop assistant – no matter how much I apologised and was nice she still looked like she was going to cry :(

However, what Thor left out was that:

  • My 'cute grey coat' was £60 reduced to £30, then £5 off as there was a hole in the arm (that I successfully sewed up) minus NUS discount of 10%. Leaving the bargain price of £22.50!
  • The woman in Gap, where Thor brought his stretchy, small, black long sleeve Tshirt thought he was my boyfriend (although it was fair enough considering I said, 'I thought you were buying frog pants not a Tshirt' to Thor whilst he was at the till)
  • Losing Rich in Next and arousing suspicion with the security guard whilst looking for him.
    Security Guard: "Are you ok?"
    Me: "Yes, I'm fine thanks. My boyfriend disappeared when he was standing at the till"
    Security Guard: "Hmmm"
    Me: "Oh, there he is" (pointing at Rich's reflection in the glass door)
    Security Guard: "right" (security guard looks at me strangely - guessing that the angle he was at he thought I was pointing at the glass door and nothing else...Rich takes me away…)
  • Having a conversation with another security guard in Morrisons. I was wondering whether he was cold standing by the door all day (apparently that's a strange thing to do…Thor takes me away…)

Also, do you ever get the thing where you say something and then realise that you shouldn't have said it?

It happened to me in Next.

I was (yet again) returning a pair of trousers) and she said, "Were there any problems with them?", however, it was cold outside and what she said turned up in my mind's subtitles as, "tboiugwoitb them?" so I repeated it back to her. She, as you would imagine looked at me very strangely and laughed as I tried to dig myself out of the hole with such phrases as, "sorry, - couldn't hear you, my ears are frozen" and "no they didn't fit - they made me look like a pepperpot"

That was Saturday

January 24, 2006

Lyrics, Lists and Logins

Follow-up to Tasks, Tshirts and tea from 1129 - Ali's () blog


I've now done everything on last week's list, hurrah!


For any Revvers reading this, Lyrics of the songs we've done so far this term are on the website, as well as photos from our concert last term. If anyone has any more, please email them to me :)


Has anyone been watching 'My Name is Earl?'

Unfortunately, when Groupwise (and H:/ drives) died last week my department (Centre for Lifelong Learning) was one of the last to be restored. Yeah, it was a bit annoying as we couldn't email any students to remind them to come to courses, and couldn't reply to any email queries, but we made the most of our times by planning things, like Skills Certificate courses and Warwick Shootout.

When the problems were fixed, I phoned ITS helpdesk to get a new member of staff access to a forwarding account and, made the mistake of mentioning 'Groupwise' in my query. I could hear (by way of my subtitles ) the guy at the end of the phone cringe and I'm amazed he didn't hang up on me! Anyway - after sorting my query out, I decided to have a chat with him (I've worked on an IT helpdesk - it's horrible and people forget that you have feelings!) so, anyway to cut the story short - paid ITS a few compliments for sorting stuff out when things did go wrong. Come on, who of you would want to go in to clear up the mess caused by someone purposely trying and suceeding in breaking things on a weekend / late at night?!!! I know I wouldn't want to be on the end of a phone to half the people whining on their blogs at the moment!!

So, this time when all the logins messed up, all of our department are having no problems at all.

karma anyone?

January 17, 2006

How do you think?

Apparently I'm quite strange in the way I think – I never thought it was until I mentioned it in a Revelation rehearsal and after it, getting asked lots of questions by the pyschologists in the room, so…

does anyone see subtitles when people talk? (I can't really say whether the subtitles are a particular colour but they do include punctuation and sometimes have pictures above the words.)

In most of my life it comes in useful. For example, I tend to remember what people say word-for-word and freak people like Jill out when I remember conversations or blog entries from over a year ago, and usually the subtitles rubberstamp over the surroundings of the conversation.

However, and this is where it falls down:

  • I find it really hard to understand play-on-word jokes and to understand foreign languages as my head automatically spells words as I hear them in English.
  • It's also hard to understand maths lectures when lecturers talk about symbols by spoken words, divide, psi, alpha etc. as I have to 'translate' them in my head to the specific letters.
  • I can't follow lecturers who ramble with never-ending sentences as my subtitles buffer until a full stop is 'heard'.
  • I can't make sense of song lyrics unless they are written down

And yes, I do have to watch TV (esp. West Wing) with subtitles, and if I'm reading and someone else is talking, either one gets ignored or subtitles overlay!

So, does anyone think like me, or am I just an oddity?

Tasks, Tshirts and tea

hmmm….I have a busy day ahead of me!

So far I have managed to wake up, get dressed and carry an amp to my car and proceeded to get it stuck under the parcel shelf and then got myself stuck in the traffic jam between Earlsdon and campus (grrrr – people who want to turn right at the Canley roundabout but go in the middle lane)

I've written a few blog entries over the past few days plugging Skills courses – yes, it is blatant advertising (wait until I start plugging Warwick Rev's concert*) but personally I think the courses are beneficial, even if I didn't do them when I was a student, and unless anyone has got any other ways of letting everyone know…

So, that's work until 5pm.

After work, I've got about half hour for some food before going to a Rev Exec. meeting, Media team meeting and Rev itself, followed by the social and somehow getting enough sleep before I have to come to work again tomorrow :(

Hmmm…and I'm meant to be meeting my supervisor at some point today!

Mental (now typed) list currently is:

  • Organise more of Warwick Shootout
  • Find out Tshirt prices for Warwick Shootout
  • Speak to Dan about Rev Hoodies
  • Play with SPSS
  • Advertise Skills courses
  • Email media/concert team to remind them to come to Media/Concert team meeting at 7.15pm tonight.
  • Think of a good name for the concert*
  • Write National Rev website report for Edinburgh Forum on Saturday.
  • Recruit media/concert team members whenever possible
  • Publicise concert*!!
  • Label photos in Rev photo gallery

Owch - I'm going to be busy!

*4th March 2006. Methodist Central Hall (title and ticket price to be decided)

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