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March 14, 2006

Student Mortgages

Writing about web page,,1730644,00.html

Students are being encouraged to become landlords by taking out a mortgage under a new scheme launched this week. Undergraduates can take out 100% mortgages on properties worth up to £250,000 then rent out spare rooms to cover the repayments.

How much sense does that make?!

When I was a student I lived in some pretty horrible houses, which landlords obviously didn't care about (mouldy walls, plug sockets hanging off the walls, door locks that couldn't keep a cat out…)

It would also remove the pantomine problem of the "My boiler doesn't work", "Oh, yes it does", "oh, no it doesn't" with the landlord.

February 25, 2006

not again…

Do you ever get the feeling that something's not meant to be?

Last week I had conjunctivitis (horrible goo coming out of my eyes, making my eyelids stick together, coupled with a hatred for looking at light) which meant that looking at a TV, computer and the inside of my fridge for a whole 3 days last week was out of the question :(

Thankfully, I had antibiotic eye drops which seems to get rid of it, or at least make it feel a lot better.

OK…last night everything was looking pretty blurry, but I thought it was I was up past my bedtime (11pm) so I went to sleep.

Then I woke up this morning

with this big list in my head of things I didn't get done last weekend, and my eyes are stuck together again.

It's not fair!

It's not as if I can take the antibiotics again, as they've got some kind of active ingredient that stops working…

Nan's are always right

My Nan always said to use warm salty water…I shall try that!

(Apologies to anyone who's sent me an email about doing something to a website – I probably won't be able to do it today)

February 20, 2006


I've just been congratulated for being poetic, all I said was:

My Groupwise is just sitting there, like a frog on a lilypad

…at least I can log in now, even if I can't see any emails, although since returning from lunch my Firefox tabs and favourites have reverted to about a year ago…

Student Cookery

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

As Casey has been so wonderful in getting the Revelation Concert on the front page of Insite, I thought I should repay the publicity and have added her cookery guide to our Induction pages, at

If anyone has any suggestions of things that are missing, or that need updating, please let me know.

Please note: these pages are designed for when you get to Warwick, not before, so choosing accommodation etc. should not be included as they are covered by the University's Welcome pages .

February 19, 2006

Infections, Irritations and I.T

Writing about web page

It's only when you don't have something, that you miss it


Grrrr…I have had a silly eye infection, (which I now have eyedrops for) which has meant that I couldn't stand being near a computer (or anything else that involves looking at light) for 3 whole days. The whites of my eyes have turned red, which means that I get strange sympathetic looks from people as it looks like I've been crying incessantly for days.


After getting annoyed at being unable to do anything I planned (essay writing, checking emails, putting WiM applications online) I've spent my time sleeping (makes eyes hurt less) selling Revelation tickets (If you want one, email me, or go to , choosing new glasses with Rich (for Rich) and being fed up.


I've only been online for about 5 minutes, but my eyes are already stinging so I am having to type with my eyes closed. Going to do something paper-based now…

February 14, 2006

Roofs, Rain and more Rain

I am sitting in the loft under the roof + The rain is hitting the roof -> I am getting annoyed by the noise.

Lots of rain + big black cloud -> I turn the light on

Can you tell I'm trying to write an essay…?

Parking, Parcels and Publicity

Writing about web page


I got home from work last night (whilst it was still light!!) hoping to get a parking space outside my house…Firstly Tara's car was directly outside my house and Mikey's car was a bit further down.

It would be good if they actually lived on my street

I thought there was just enough space to squeeze my car between the two of them, so I stopped ready to parallel park

despite being a girl I've lived in Earlsdon long enough to know that if you don't parallel park then you'll never park anywhere

put my car in reverse, and hey presto! neighbour stops their car directly behind me, meaning I can't reverse without hitting their car

I don't think they meant to do it, but we live on the bend in the road, so you can't see cars until the last minute

so I drove up the road to find another space…unfortunately, that meant parking outside Learning Grid Rachel's house, leaving no space for Rachel.

sorry, Rachel!


My parcels won't turn up

At the moment I am expecting 3 parcels:

  1. A box of Rev CDs (supposed to arrive last Thursday at the latest)
  2. A box of concert tickets from Warwick Print (supposed to arrive lunchtime today)
  3. A parcel from Amazon via courier (it was sent on the 1st February – Amazon resent it yesterday via Royal Mail – not the same courier – and it got here this morning)

The strange thing about the first Amazon parcel is that the courier left a calling card, however, instead of filling in the details they just left a random mobile number on it – which got through to "Sam's voicemail" – very odd!




  • Invites and posters for Raise the Roof will be handed out in the rehearsal again tonight.
  • Pin badges (to be sold for 50p) will also be made before the rehearsals
  • Any keen sewers out there want to help sew our new banners together?!! Please let me know!

February 01, 2006

I take it back…

Follow-up to I'm insulted! from 1129 - Ali's () blog

It looks like the recipient wasn't using Groupwise to read their email as they have now replied (positively) to my email, despite Groupwise Notify telling me that my email had been deleted…


Is it because…

…I mentioned Groupwise that my last entry was automatically tagged ITS?

If so, is it possible that whenever someone mentions Rev, Revelation, Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir or Revelation Rock Gospel Choir in their entries it is automatically tagged too?

Revelation: It's not just a choir, it's a way of life

I'm insulted!

I just wrote, what I thought was a good email – hoping for a positive response (or at least a 'thanks, but no thanks'), but instead they opened it and within 10 seconds deleted it!

Gaaaah for Groupwise notification alerts when people delete your emails.

Sits at desk and sends email to different person who might respond more favourably

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