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May 15, 2006

Getting old (1): Proper Job

I just wrote an entry, far beyond a sensible length, so I've decided to split it up, so I can add more wafflling…

Proper Job

I've had, what I would call, a proper job for 6 weeks now. Here's my thoughts in typical bullet point form:

Good bits:
  • I've been reading programming books /websites and writing code for pleasure again – something I haven't done since before Uni - crazy, considering I did a Computer Science degree!
  • I'm getting to do quite a lot of PHP and MySQL in work – good, as I have a unexplainable dislike for Java
  • I still design things – emarketing, webpages etc.
  • It's flexi–time – I can leave early on Fridays and not be late for work if I get stuck in A45 traffic
  • I get to talk to lots of people – I even have my own phone
  • I'm close to campus – so I can have lunch with Rich
  • Getting to tidy up loads of redundant HTML I enjoy tidying

and added bonuses of not working on campus:

Bad bits:
  • I have to wear smart clothes 5 days a week.
  • Having to go to work on days that Thor and Rich can have lie–ins.
  • Having my own phone – which cold-callers have got the number for
Bits I would rather never had happened:
  • Accidentally implying that my boss was bald – so had an "equality and diversity" guide thrown at me
  • Not understanding the hidden innuendo behind "Master Bates" in Captain Pugwash – I don't get puns
  • Commenting on the enormous size of the banana I had bought from Morrisons
  • Accidentally opening the same corrupted file 3 times – forgetting it would crash my computer
  • …and many more that I have wiped from my memory…

Degree Usefulness

And finally, for those getting fed up with revising and not seeing the point of exams, I thought I'd finish by mentioning that in my new job I've remembered and used quite a lot of the stuff I learnt during my degree (which I never thought possible at the time).

I just read this in Proverbs which I thought was quite apt:

For wisdom will enter your heart, and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul.

Proverbs 3:10

February 01, 2006

I take it back…

Follow-up to I'm insulted! from 1129 - Ali's () blog

It looks like the recipient wasn't using Groupwise to read their email as they have now replied (positively) to my email, despite Groupwise Notify telling me that my email had been deleted…


Is it because…

…I mentioned Groupwise that my last entry was automatically tagged ITS?

If so, is it possible that whenever someone mentions Rev, Revelation, Revelation Rock-Gospel Choir or Revelation Rock Gospel Choir in their entries it is automatically tagged too?

Revelation: It's not just a choir, it's a way of life

I'm insulted!

I just wrote, what I thought was a good email – hoping for a positive response (or at least a 'thanks, but no thanks'), but instead they opened it and within 10 seconds deleted it!

Gaaaah for Groupwise notification alerts when people delete your emails.

Sits at desk and sends email to different person who might respond more favourably

January 26, 2006

If you get lost…

Writing about web page

…on the way to ITS training suite – then there's a video clip to show you how to get there!

It's slightly patronising as it spends quite a few seconds focussing on the enormous signs that direct you to IT Services every few minutes…

so, procrastination or a useful tool?

January 24, 2006

Lyrics, Lists and Logins

Follow-up to Tasks, Tshirts and tea from 1129 - Ali's () blog


I've now done everything on last week's list, hurrah!


For any Revvers reading this, Lyrics of the songs we've done so far this term are on the website, as well as photos from our concert last term. If anyone has any more, please email them to me :)


Has anyone been watching 'My Name is Earl?'

Unfortunately, when Groupwise (and H:/ drives) died last week my department (Centre for Lifelong Learning) was one of the last to be restored. Yeah, it was a bit annoying as we couldn't email any students to remind them to come to courses, and couldn't reply to any email queries, but we made the most of our times by planning things, like Skills Certificate courses and Warwick Shootout.

When the problems were fixed, I phoned ITS helpdesk to get a new member of staff access to a forwarding account and, made the mistake of mentioning 'Groupwise' in my query. I could hear (by way of my subtitles ) the guy at the end of the phone cringe and I'm amazed he didn't hang up on me! Anyway - after sorting my query out, I decided to have a chat with him (I've worked on an IT helpdesk - it's horrible and people forget that you have feelings!) so, anyway to cut the story short - paid ITS a few compliments for sorting stuff out when things did go wrong. Come on, who of you would want to go in to clear up the mess caused by someone purposely trying and suceeding in breaking things on a weekend / late at night?!!! I know I wouldn't want to be on the end of a phone to half the people whining on their blogs at the moment!!

So, this time when all the logins messed up, all of our department are having no problems at all.

karma anyone?

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