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February 01, 2006

I take it back…

Follow-up to I'm insulted! from 1129 - Ali's () blog

It looks like the recipient wasn't using Groupwise to read their email as they have now replied (positively) to my email, despite Groupwise Notify telling me that my email had been deleted…


I'm insulted!

I just wrote, what I thought was a good email – hoping for a positive response (or at least a 'thanks, but no thanks'), but instead they opened it and within 10 seconds deleted it!

Gaaaah for Groupwise notification alerts when people delete your emails.

Sits at desk and sends email to different person who might respond more favourably

April 22, 2005

Why I (privately) blog so much…

Writing about Gutted from Le blog d'Emma Lillois

Ok – just feel I need to explain my vast number of reported blog entries, when Emma Kemp only things I have four.

Firstly – my number is pushed up by having four (not two as Thor stated!) blogs:

I also share another blog, but as I'm not the owner of it then that wouldn't come up in the figures.

Contrary to popular belief:

Nerdy Ali does loads of webby stuff thus sneakily generating loads of posts

none of my posts (as far as I know) are from the testing of autogenerated blog entries from the PDP activities that I set up in the Autumn term – they were all deleted a long time ago! So, all my Blog entries are "valid" blog entries!

So where do they all come from – different places – I'll try and explain (not that anyone will be interested…):

My personal blog, is my personal blog, therefore I have lots of private entries, some talking about FORM, some talking about plans for a PhD and some that I would prefer to keep to myself. I talked to Lisa Cooper and Melody Cobb about this at the Children of Hope concert on Wednesday and I was explaining that if was still a student I'd write more stuff on my Blog, but as I'm a member of staff I'm a bit more careful about what I say.
Also, as I work on a computer all day, plus run the Warwick Rev and National Rev websites I don't have the time to write long, thought out / fun entries for my personal Blog.

Regarding the other 3 blogs:
I use the theory that if you have a computer then you shouldn't need much paper so I run a paperless office system. I do not have a phone and I am not connected to a printer, so all my work is stored electronically. This includes meeting minutes, lists of things I need to do and thoughts I have (a bit like staff PDP ). Also, I think that the blogs are a good way of advertising certain things to staff and students so I add entries to raise the profile of Warwick Skills and Warwick Shootout.


I've had a Blog since August, so I have had longer to add entries than most people and I love blogs (especially Warwick Blogs!)

Hope that explains my blog behaviour to all – it's definitely not rigged!

January 12, 2005

What Google thinks of me…

Writing about Google thinks Warwick bloggers are experts on… from Kieran's blog

Kieran's entry made me wonder what I would be no.1 for in Google, so I had a look…

My favourite is:
ali blog – My Blog is no. 1!

However typing the search phrase the other way around:
blog ali – gives a blog entry entitled: "Ali's no longer a Porn Clerk" which definitely does not relate to me!!

I am no.1 for:
deranged goldfish – not sure who would search Google for that but…

and also:
edinburgh resits – feel sorry for those people have to resit exams in Edinburgh only to see photos of me having a good time up in Edinburgh in the summer :)

On a related note, typing "Cronick" (my surname) into, gives "cronick is spelled chronic and desiese is spelled disease"

p.s for Kieran: Why does the " after disease only show up when I put whitespace / text after it?

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