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October 18, 2004

No one around….

I'm in the Student Development and Support Office (for those who have never been there – it is the massive office space opposite the University House restaurant, next to the Learning Grid) and I can't see a single person in the office as everyone (except me) is in a meeting. The weird thing is that I can hear people – voices from around the corner in Student Funding and people walking on the floor – very surreal….

October 13, 2004

Deranged goldfish

Follow-up to Goldfish–sitting from 1129 - Ali's () blog

The goldfish mentioned in the Goldfish-siting entry were a bit freaky. I think this might be the reason why..

Video of Adair taking Flipper on a tour of Coventry for Warwick Accommodation (entitled 'Student's eye view of living in Coventry')

...apparently the other fish I looked after was called Caleb.

October 12, 2004

Anyone in Revelation got a Blog?

Writing about web page

If so, please could you add your blog address and a bit about yourself as a comment!

I think it would be a cool way of getting to know each other outside of Rev. Not to mention that having people we know commenting on our Blog entries will give us some virtual moral support, which is very Rev-like! (check out Aim 2 below!)

Revelation Aims

  1. To be a Christian-based Rock-Gospel choir incorporating other performing arts.
  2. To create a choir where people can build friendships, draw out hidden abilities, and be accepted for who and what they are.
  3. To develop this concept throughout institutions of further education worldwide.

October 11, 2004


I was stupidly put in charge of Adair's goldfish for a few weeks when he went away over the summer…It was quite an experience so I thought I should blog about it!


Small Fish & Big Fish


Kitchen table, Earlsdon Ave North, Coventry

Previous Addresses:

Coffee table, Queensland Ave, Coventry
Pet Shop, Coventry

Friendly/Spooky# Experiences

  • If I put my finger up to the glass Big Fish tries to kiss/eat# my finger
  • When I walk passed the bowl they follow me around the bowl
  • I refused to eat my breakfast in front of the fish as they keep splashing my Weetabix with the water from their bowl
(# delete as appropriate)


As a 10-year old I had two goldfish, Bill and Ben. They were accidently killed by my father on a Monday in February. He had forgotten to swill the washing-up liquid out of the bowl before putting the fish back in.

October 06, 2004

Free stuff for all Undergraduates!!!!!

Writing about web page

The Warwick Skills Certificate is a FREE way to:

Not convinced?
Don't think you have enough time?

You can do the Warwick Skills Certificate throughout your degree, so you can spread the workload or do it all in one year – it's your choice!

October 05, 2004

Starting a conversation with a Fresher!

Writing about web page

It's Tuesday and the first Revelation rehearsal with lots of new members!

I'm really excited that there will be people that I've never met before to talk to. However, I'm really bored of the 'basic' Fresher questions, i.e:

  • What course are you doing?
  • What halls are you in?
  • Where do you come from?
  • How are you finding Warwick?

Followed by:

  • I bet you're fed up of answering these questions, aren't you? (cue nervous/polite laughter from some / all people in the conversation)

So I was wondering if anyone else (esp. Freshers fed up of answering the same questions) had some novel ideas to strike up conversations with people….

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