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September 16, 2005


Follow-up to I'm going again!!!! from 1129 - Ali's () blog

Just realised that I never did report back from RESITS


Spent the day driving from Cov (via Solihull to pick up Jen) to Edinburgh. This trip, having done it annually for the past 3 years, takes about 5 1/2 hours. This time it took 9.

It started at 11am when Multimap took us on the quickest route to Jen's house in Solihull via a packed M42 (1 hour gone) Then the Birmingham powercut on the Friday night meant that everyone decided to drive north on the Saturday instead…in 3 hours I had driven 50 miles up the M6…We got to Edinburgh at 8pm – shattered and just in time for the last chord of the rehearsal. We then found that our car (Jen, Rich, Thor and I) were on washing up duty….hmmmm..


Despite it being my 3rd year at RESITS I've never been to a Church service in the church we stayed at (I thought this was a bit odd until I realised that I wasn't Christian the first year I went to RESITS and last year I wasn't in Edinburgh on a Sunday).

Anyhow – this year we ended up singing at the Church as a "Thank you!" for our home for the week. The church, Viewforth, had two Sunday morning celebrations; the first being the "traditional" service, which was followed by the "contemporary" service. The sermon was joke-for-joke the same in both services however the main differences were that the second service had a piano playing 'modern' songs, compared to an organ playing hymns and the second service had open prayers, rather than set prayers read off a data projector. It was a bit sad to see that (excluding Revvers who doubled the congregation in both services) there were only 40-odd people attending the Church that obviously, by the size and decoration, must have had over 500 not so long ago.

Sunday night was sunny so we walked to the Meadows where we sang / learnt a few more songs. It was all going pretty well – bearing in mind that we had met for the first time 24 hours ago – then it rained. We got wet – very wet.

Monday and Tuesday to follow on another entry…

*NB. If you've just skim read this entry and are a bit confused why I've not talked about exams… RESITS stands for Revelation in Edinburgh Singing In The Sun.

Holiday in Hull

Writing about web page

I'm off on my second Revelation trip of the summer!

This time it's to Hull Rev to join them for their Freshers rehearsal, followed by their 5th Birthday party and singing in the Church we're sleeping at on Sunday morning.

The plan was to follow that up with a trip to Aberdeen for their Fresher's week on Monday, but flights / trains / buses were too expensive and I didn't fancy driving from Aberdeen to Coventry on Tuesday…

It should be fun!

September 15, 2005

I've got my offer

Yay! Yay! Yay!

Finally, 3 months after applying, with a week and a bit before the start of term, I have got my official offer letter for my PhD in Sociology!!! I'm soooo excited!

Just wanted to publically announce my excitement so I can remember the feeling when I get stuck in the 'I hate my research' rut

Spelling standards

Writing about web page

I've just been testing the Warwick Search engine and was a bit disappointed that when I typed Skills, Warwick Skills Programmes only reached number 21, whereas if I typed Skills Programmes it came up as top of the list…

Whilst I was doing this I spotted the Search statistics (the mathematician in me gets excited about things like this) and was amused by some of the data it produced.

For example – the quality of spelling in prospective Undergraduates:

July 2005
Top 100 searches
… 575 for 'accomodation'...488 for 'accommodation'

Noting that there were more searches for the incorrect spelling of accommodation (assuming that these are 6th Formers accepted to Warwick visiting the accommodation website choosing their accommodation)

However, the stats for August (assuming these are people who got their predicted grades for Warwick and wanted to know what accommodation they were offered) show:
1,210 for 'accommodation' (no stats for the 'accomodation' version), but 80 for 'accomadation'


September 08, 2005

PhD Blogs

Writing about web page

I've been searching Google for useful links for PhD students and came across the PhDWeblogs website.

Thought some people might like to register their Blogs…

September 07, 2005

Blue murder!!

Thor's just made me a cup of tea, but there was all this blue hard-plastic-like stuff in the bottom of my cup. First I thought he was trying to murder me, but then he found it in the bottom of his cup too…

Question: Does anyone know if that's limescale? (Thor is Dutch and I'm Welsh so we've never come across limescale water before)...if not, does anyone know what the blue stuff could be? Is it dangerous, because I had drunk some of it before I realised?!!

September 05, 2005

Wehey, Websites and Warwick

Wehey! I'm sooo happy!!!!!!!

All my problems over the weekend with National and Warwick Revelation websites have now been resolved. I have never been so happy to get a text than the one I got over lunch from Tony to announce the happy news :D I'm also pleased to say that, thankfully, neither problem was down to me and it was just coincidence that I happened to be working on the websites at the time they decided to disappear!

On the topic of websites...I'm trying to get all the Skills-related websites updated for the start of term, but the Warwick intranet is intermittently cutting out. Is this just for me or are some other people getting that problem too?

September 04, 2005

Victimised and Victory

I feel victimised. The second website in the past 24 hours has now ground to a halt. When National Rev disappeared off the face of the web this morning I decided to rewrite Warwick Revelation's website – all was going well. Then…time out error and server wouldn't respond within 30 seconds…thankfully it's sorted itself out. Methinks I should find myself a new voluntary career!

Victory for England, but only 1–0 :D Wales weren't whitewashed as I expected! Yay! Must be my sheep T-shirt that did it!

September 03, 2005

Websites, Worry and Wales

Writing about web page

I'm really sad today…the website I have been working on since April has disappeared overnight to be replaced with a 500 error (in German!).

Here's praying that the webspace providers will put it back a.s.a.p, otherwise there will be a lot of sad revvers around the UK…if not, can anyone recommend any web hosting companies?

I feel that my sadness will continue following the Wales v England match…why oh why did I choose to live in England!

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