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August 20, 2005

I'm going again!!!!

Follow-up to RESITS in Edinburgh from 1129 - Ali's () blog

As I blogged about this time last year, I'm going to RESITS again. That's Revelation in Edinburgh Singing In The Sun, for the non-Revvers among you!

Unlike last year I can go for the whole week this time, so there's going to be none of the 'leave work at 5pm, drive to Edinburgh through a thunderstorm to get there just before midnight'.

More reports when I get there…

August 10, 2005

My Welshisms

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

Having read Casey's blog I thought I should write about the language adjustments I've had to make living in England after being brought up in South Wales (Penarth, if anyone is wanting specifics)

I say Next Friday This is not the same as Friday coming, it is the Friday of next week. i.e the 19th August. English people tend to use Next Friday to mean Friday of this week, i.e 12th August.

This is quite problematic when arranging days to meet people - so it's best to tell me a date

I say sosban pronounced "saus (as in sausages)" + "ban" This is exactly the same as the English saucepan.

I think this is a much friendlier name, as sausages are more fun to eat and cook than sauces.

I say couple of [put item here] - This is definitely more that two, but not loads, probably about 3 or 4. Several is the next amount on the scale, meaning 5 +

I had a bit of a bad experience when I was working in Leamington Spa Pizza Hut in my second year. A, quite snobby, woman asked me for a couple of extra plates, so I replied with "How many would you like?" and she responded with a look and a sharp "two". Needless to say, she didn't leave me a tip!

August 09, 2005

Building, Banoffee and Banks

Just realised that it's been a very long time since writing some proper Blog entries, and I can't get outdone by my new housemate, so here goes! (I don't claim that this entry is goes to be amusing or even interesting)


Since moving into my new house last month I seem to have visited IKEA so much that I don't even look forward to going there any more :(

There are only few advantages to spending so much time in IKEA /building IKEA furniture:

  • You know what the different colour coffee bags mean
  • You have a house full of matching (i.e beech) furniture that doesn't even threaten to fall apart.
  • You appreciate ready-build furniture, much, much more.

The disadvantages, however are numerous:

  • IKEA delivery men:
    1. My particular delivery man finished every sentence with "D'you know wha' I mean?"
    2. Say they will only deliver to one room
    3. End up making you move the items from the van to your house
  • Blisters on [Rich's] hand from screwing all the furniture together.
  • Birmingham IKEA running out of trolleys, meaning that it took ~3 hours to put a house-worth of furniture through the checkout.
  • Finding out that you can only return an item to the same IKEA (bit annoying when I was going to my Cardiff home, which is 5 minutes drive from IKEA)


I made my first banoffee pie for years on Sunday, when Mike [plug for Slybob ] came over for lunch. I did warn Rich and Mike that it would be very sweet, but boys will be boys, and they had big helpings, closely followed by a lot of water.


Not much to say on this except: how many forms / visits to a bank does it take before they will change your address?!

Hmmm…this has turned out to be a mini-rant – didn't really mean it to be…I'm feeling quite relaxed and stress-free today :(

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