September 22, 2006

Print–your–own postage stamps

Writing about web page

This seems really useful, as it is so much easier (for me) to print a stamp when I need one rather than buying a book of stamps once a year from a Post Office, but what happens if the stamp is printed with an inkjet printer, gets wet and the ink runs?

Will the Post Office charge the receiver in the same way as when a stamp falls off a letter? or will they check the details in some other way (like cross-matching the receiver address with the stamp database)?

And do you think you can print onto normal paper and glue the stamp to the envelope or do you have to use labels? I can’t see it being used widely if you have to print onto the envelope (sure to cause a paper jam) or buy a set of labels!

It also says:

Post your mail by the end of the next working day after purchase

What happens if you forget? is it not delivered? Does it cost more?

I suppose I should be putting all this into the feedback form

So, has anyone tried the online stamps? Do they work?

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  1. John

    The cool thing about printing postage is that you can print right on the envelope. At you can also print your return and ship to adress right on the envelope, so you dont even need any labels. Since the mailis metered you will save money. Most people think that 37 cents is the min for mailing out some mail, but the 37 cents is for mail upto some much weight. I have sent out some things that have cost 13 cents. The down side to printing your own postage is that you have to have a scale and sites such as charge a monthly fee. It would only be worth it if you would save the $15.00 monthly fee in postage. Oh yea, and one other good thig is that you can send certified mail right from home or the office, and even priority mail with out going to the post office.

    13 Aug 2007, 22:40

  2. Richard Selby

    You can now post the whole address and return address using royal mail’s service. Straight onto the paper if you want too, I used it when sendig a letter to Germany.

    09 Sep 2007, 15:53

  3. karl

    know i probably got all the right things to say but this will gonna help you. Hopefully! I got something new to you Try this one! It’s All about Stamps at 2-clicks.Stamps, Stamp, Stamp Collectibles, Postal Stamp, Stamp Directory.

    17 Oct 2007, 10:15

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