August 10, 2005

My Welshisms

Writing about an entry you don't have permission to view

Having read Casey's blog I thought I should write about the language adjustments I've had to make living in England after being brought up in South Wales (Penarth, if anyone is wanting specifics)

I say Next Friday This is not the same as Friday coming, it is the Friday of next week. i.e the 19th August. English people tend to use Next Friday to mean Friday of this week, i.e 12th August.

This is quite problematic when arranging days to meet people - so it's best to tell me a date

I say sosban pronounced "saus (as in sausages)" + "ban" This is exactly the same as the English saucepan.

I think this is a much friendlier name, as sausages are more fun to eat and cook than sauces.

I say couple of [put item here] - This is definitely more that two, but not loads, probably about 3 or 4. Several is the next amount on the scale, meaning 5 +

I had a bit of a bad experience when I was working in Leamington Spa Pizza Hut in my second year. A, quite snobby, woman asked me for a couple of extra plates, so I replied with "How many would you like?" and she responded with a look and a sharp "two". Needless to say, she didn't leave me a tip!

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  1. Stuart Coles

    I love Rabaiotti's (sp?) on the Esplanade…

    I picked up very similar ones (as well as a Welsh accent bizarrely which has now gone) when I lived in Cardiff – definitely next friday and this friday are 2 different dates (always). Certainly all my housemates used sosban rather than saucepan

    Never come across the couple of before though…

    10 Aug 2005, 13:47

  2. Do you mean this Rabaiottis?

    Regarding accents – The majority of mine had to disappear in my 1st year, when the international students on my course couldn't understand me. Now most people can't place my accent, but occasionally (esp. when speaking to other Welsh people or trying to make a serious point) I will revert back quite quickly!

    10 Aug 2005, 15:06

  3. Stuart Coles

    Yes. Looked alright to me when I went there… evidently not the case!

    10 Aug 2005, 17:01

  4. Steve Rumsby

    Next Friday

    For me, "next Friday" is also next week, not this week, and I'm English (well, from Liverpool, which I think counts). Maybe it is another north/south thing?

    11 Aug 2005, 09:23

  5. Could be – that's what I mean when I say Next Friday and it confuses the heck out of the Wife (she from the south, me from the north)

    12 Aug 2005, 11:08

  6. This may sound a bit nationalistic, but Cardiff is further south than London, so doesn't that make me a Southerner?!!

    12 Aug 2005, 11:14

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