January 04, 2006

If the University could…

Writing about web page http://go.warwick.ac.uk/skills

…run any course, what would it be?

I've been sitting at my desk, making sure that all the online signups are working and was considering which courses I'd do as an undergraduate.

Obviously there's the great for your CV courses, like Communication Skills and Problem Solving and Teamwork

but there's also the graduate employers will love it courses that show you're an round person like Creative Writing and Introduction to Enterprise

Although, I still think there's some space for life skills courses, alongside courses like Personal Finance

I was thinking something like 'Healthy food on a budget' or maybe a course in writing and interpreting technical manuals for things like flat-pack furniture (had a bit of a disaster building a chest from IKEA yesterday) or a course on how to sort out heating problems, 'You and your boiler' starring in-house case studies, such as Jill and Casey

So, if you could do any course in the world, what would it be and why?

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  1. a decent course on webdesign

    or any form of design really

    04 Jan 2006, 13:00

  2. That would be good. HCI is probably the closest you get to it in Computer Science. Although, from what I remember, it was pretty generic, with no specific reference to website design.

    04 Jan 2006, 16:05

  3. Dan

    Computer Game design.

    Or perhaps greater number of Art courses like training in 3D modelling packages for film and games, generic sketching training, things like that.

    04 Jan 2006, 18:22

  4. I think the boiler one would be really handy!

    04 Jan 2006, 18:58

  5. Why does everyone want technie-type courses?!!

    17 Jan 2006, 09:59

  6. because the university offers a large number of academic sciency courses that don't provide students with any practical skills

    17 Jan 2006, 14:08

  7. But isn't the point of an academic course because you want to know the theory behind the practical skills?

    17 Jan 2006, 14:32

  8. yes, but actually knowing how to use the theory would come in handy too

    17 Jan 2006, 14:40

  9. That's what extra-curricular activities are for (to an extent)- to show how you apply the theory you have learnt in an area you are interested in. You don't need (and probably wouldn't want) a lecturer to show you that.

    17 Jan 2006, 14:52

  10. isn't that what this topic is about? ideas for courses to fill in the blanks?

    17 Jan 2006, 17:28

  11. Yes, sorry – my comment was related to the:

    the university offers a large number of academic sciency courses that don't provide students with any practical skills

    I think what I was trying to say, but not doing a great job of saying it, is that personally (and I thought most people would think this way) is that courses in practical skills is maybe not what you want, but moreso accreditation, with some guidance along the way, for real-life situations where you could put the theory into practice.

    For example, when I did Computer Science I found most of the courses tedious, and decided that user interface design was more my thing, so decided to volunteer to redesign the Warwick Revelation website at the end of my second year (not that I knew any HTML at the time). I did have guidance from the techies I lived with, but I wouldn't have really wanted a course in webdesign at the time unless I could have put it to some real-life use (rather that making a website for a made-up situation). That may just be me, though!

    Although, thinking about it, I quite enjoyed the Sitebuilder course I went on and would go on a webdesign course now. Ok, I've now just argued against my point…hmmm.

    Going off original point yet again – I suppose the question now is – how much can you 'teach' creativity, or were you specifically thinking about the 'web' part of web design and wanting courses in web programming languages?

    18 Jan 2006, 11:25

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