October 12, 2004

Anyone in Revelation got a Blog?

Writing about web page http://www.warwickrev.org

If so, please could you add your blog address and a bit about yourself as a comment!

I think it would be a cool way of getting to know each other outside of Rev. Not to mention that having people we know commenting on our Blog entries will give us some virtual moral support, which is very Rev-like! (check out Aim 2 below!)

Revelation Aims

  1. To be a Christian-based Rock-Gospel choir incorporating other performing arts.
  2. To create a choir where people can build friendships, draw out hidden abilities, and be accepted for who and what they are.
  3. To develop this concept throughout institutions of further education worldwide.

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  1. Yay, I have one….although it's not very interesting at the moment, mainly a little flirtatious conversation with my girlfriend. Maybe I should start a category for fellow sax players…

    12 Oct 2004, 15:54

  2. Hiya

    I am a new recruit to rev, which is the best!! I am a French and History Finalist, and have been away for a year teaching English in a town called Thionville in Eastern France. I had the best time-met loads of peeps from all over and travelled a lot!!

    Well cheers for now!!

    Alice xxx

    13 Oct 2004, 10:38

  3. yep, clcik the linky above

    13 Oct 2004, 16:27

  4. Hey Ali!
    It's Ollie, the one you drove to Wills house on Sunday eve!
    I came to Rev and loved it.
    I also took your advice and created a blog.
    Im not sure what to put on it at the mo though.

    Have a good one!


    14 Oct 2004, 10:23

  5. Thorwald Stein

    Got a blog and am in Rev hence I'm here :)
    Not too much happening on my blog-site but all the more in Rev. See you on Tuesday!

    16 Oct 2004, 17:30

  6. yo. i'm new to this blog lark but will write some stuff soon. i've been in rev for a loooong time and was environment secretary once a couple of years ago. hopefully catch you on Tuesday. Bring on Barbados!!!

    17 Oct 2004, 14:30

  7. Tom Williams

    I'm in Rev!

    19 Oct 2004, 00:32

  8. I havnt actually been to one yet, but sarah keeps pestering me, AND I did join up at socs fair anyway.. so i might come along 2night

    19 Oct 2004, 08:57

  9. Hi! I joined Rev! I can't really sing but I'm told that doesn't really matter. =) I'm an exchange student (read: crazy American) studying history from the University of South Carolina (Go Gamecocks!). I'm new to this blog/technology craziness. I try to avoid it mostly because something normally ends up broken but we'll see how it goes!

    26 Oct 2004, 00:54

  10. Hi Ali,

    Just for you I have actually written something on my blog :)

    From a fellow revver xxx

    26 Oct 2004, 22:13

  11. HEY!

    I am still a bit unsure of what to write on my blog, but I have a tiny little selection of photos from my year abroad in Germany on there!
    Oh… Who I am… A fourth year German with International Studies student, mad, Norwegian, love music, generally a bit strange – and my name spells Iraq backwards in German/Norwegian… =S


    27 Oct 2004, 16:39

  12. Um, check it out, it's nuts…!

    31 Oct 2004, 17:31

  13. Hey guys, I have a blog but havent written much yet apart from chemistry stuff, not huge amounts of fun! Now a bit about myself, hmm, I'm a 3rd year chemist, livin in Leam and I'm one of the Music coordinators at Rev, yay! For those that dont know me, I'm normally the one up the front, telling you what we're doing next and sayin phrases like "Hi guys!" and "That was awesome"!

    Hope to see you all tomorrow

    01 Nov 2004, 16:46

  14. Have just begun this blog malarky, while trying to write an essay. The essay won't write itself, but i'm sure it'll materialise at some point during the next week. My page is empty at the moment as well…hmmm.

    Hey Ali – just wondering, also Rik if you're reading – are the words for that norwegian hymn we've been learning going to go up on the rev site – or is it already there.

    Also, congratulations to Megan.^^ And to Alex Hayward – i didn't manage to catch when that gospel award thing was on – went through the tele guide and couldn't find it.

    Anyway – hope people enjoyed the momentary lapse in the weather's judgement for whether it should snow or not. I had icicles on the bottom of my flares.


    20 Nov 2004, 14:21

  15. Hey! Yi!

    I havent seen the lyrics on the webpage yet, but I can send them to you if you want (my sister is the genius behind taking my rather direct translation and making it into proper English lyrics =D).

    Now… a thought… I might just post them on my blog…. I'll do that… =D


    21 Nov 2004, 12:16

  16. Hey Kari^^

    Thanks for putting up the words..if only i could remember the melody now…^^ Nope it's escaped me.
    Next rehearsal to remind me methinks…

    Went to Engage yesterday at westwood church. My impression that it was something new from the fact that people kept asking me what I thought about it…so what did people think? Or is it not new…? I enjoyed the whole pipecleaner to stickmen thing – budding ideas now about buying some and making random things – ooh like cheap christmas decos – or are pipe cleaners expensive? 0

    Yi ^^

    22 Nov 2004, 11:47

  17. Hey!

    I was there too yesterday! I had a good time although it was quite different from what Im used to (different in a positive way – dont worry Ali! Me and Laura might even come again next week =D).

    See ya all in Rev tomorrow!


    22 Nov 2004, 13:54

  18. Just got on this Blog Bandwagon myself.

    I'm a second year Maths Student, and a member or rev (hence my posting here).

    Can't really think of much to put on my blog at the moment though :(.


    26 Nov 2004, 14:31

  19. I've finally got a blog Ali – also just lost 20 CD labels coz I put the paper the wrong way round in my printer and didn't notice. Schoolboy!!

    10 Feb 2005, 02:09

  20. hey! i have only just got a blog as a distraction from actual work i should be doing! hehe. not much on it yet, but would be cool to use it to get to know more people from rev better or just write randomness. WIM should be good too! and if any rev ppl want to add me to msn also, my address is mickyjm@hotmail.com. take care, mike

    07 Mar 2005, 15:49

  21. Hey All,
    Only took me 5 months to get this blog but at least its started eventually. I'm trying to raise my blog profile even tho I only have one entry. Nevermind hey. I wonder if anyone will ever read this????

    12 Mar 2005, 23:10

  22. Yay I have a blog as well now – although it is not very exciting yet. A good way of avoiding all the work i have to do though :)

    13 Mar 2005, 19:13

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