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January 31, 2006

The power of blogs

Writing about Newly found glory from [TBA]

If it wasn't for Thor's entry on Sunday, I would have told you:

  • About busking for NAGTY in Ramphal building
  • About my trip to Foleshill to buy material for the banners for the Rev concert on the 4th March.
  • About my inability to hear talking/melodies when loud music/noise is playing
  • Buying lifelong supplies of tumeric, bay leaves and lentils from a supermarket in Foleshill
  • Not managing to find Tesco Extra for the 5th time in my life, but for the first time not worrying about it (or running out of petrol) as we had already bought the essentials in Foleshill.
  • Taking 30 minutes to buy my "cute grey coat" from Central Six due to returning 4 items (some with and some without receipts), getting student discount, and faulty discount and having a stressed shop assistant – no matter how much I apologised and was nice she still looked like she was going to cry :(

However, what Thor left out was that:

  • My 'cute grey coat' was £60 reduced to £30, then £5 off as there was a hole in the arm (that I successfully sewed up) minus NUS discount of 10%. Leaving the bargain price of £22.50!
  • The woman in Gap, where Thor brought his stretchy, small, black long sleeve Tshirt thought he was my boyfriend (although it was fair enough considering I said, 'I thought you were buying frog pants not a Tshirt' to Thor whilst he was at the till)
  • Losing Rich in Next and arousing suspicion with the security guard whilst looking for him.
    Security Guard: "Are you ok?"
    Me: "Yes, I'm fine thanks. My boyfriend disappeared when he was standing at the till"
    Security Guard: "Hmmm"
    Me: "Oh, there he is" (pointing at Rich's reflection in the glass door)
    Security Guard: "right" (security guard looks at me strangely - guessing that the angle he was at he thought I was pointing at the glass door and nothing else...Rich takes me away…)
  • Having a conversation with another security guard in Morrisons. I was wondering whether he was cold standing by the door all day (apparently that's a strange thing to do…Thor takes me away…)

Also, do you ever get the thing where you say something and then realise that you shouldn't have said it?

It happened to me in Next.

I was (yet again) returning a pair of trousers) and she said, "Were there any problems with them?", however, it was cold outside and what she said turned up in my mind's subtitles as, "tboiugwoitb them?" so I repeated it back to her. She, as you would imagine looked at me very strangely and laughed as I tried to dig myself out of the hole with such phrases as, "sorry, - couldn't hear you, my ears are frozen" and "no they didn't fit - they made me look like a pepperpot"

That was Saturday

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