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January 17, 2006

How do you think?

Apparently I'm quite strange in the way I think – I never thought it was until I mentioned it in a Revelation rehearsal and after it, getting asked lots of questions by the pyschologists in the room, so…

does anyone see subtitles when people talk? (I can't really say whether the subtitles are a particular colour but they do include punctuation and sometimes have pictures above the words.)

In most of my life it comes in useful. For example, I tend to remember what people say word-for-word and freak people like Jill out when I remember conversations or blog entries from over a year ago, and usually the subtitles rubberstamp over the surroundings of the conversation.

However, and this is where it falls down:

  • I find it really hard to understand play-on-word jokes and to understand foreign languages as my head automatically spells words as I hear them in English.
  • It's also hard to understand maths lectures when lecturers talk about symbols by spoken words, divide, psi, alpha etc. as I have to 'translate' them in my head to the specific letters.
  • I can't follow lecturers who ramble with never-ending sentences as my subtitles buffer until a full stop is 'heard'.
  • I can't make sense of song lyrics unless they are written down

And yes, I do have to watch TV (esp. West Wing) with subtitles, and if I'm reading and someone else is talking, either one gets ignored or subtitles overlay!

So, does anyone think like me, or am I just an oddity?

Tasks, Tshirts and tea

hmmm….I have a busy day ahead of me!

So far I have managed to wake up, get dressed and carry an amp to my car and proceeded to get it stuck under the parcel shelf and then got myself stuck in the traffic jam between Earlsdon and campus (grrrr – people who want to turn right at the Canley roundabout but go in the middle lane)

I've written a few blog entries over the past few days plugging Skills courses – yes, it is blatant advertising (wait until I start plugging Warwick Rev's concert*) but personally I think the courses are beneficial, even if I didn't do them when I was a student, and unless anyone has got any other ways of letting everyone know…

So, that's work until 5pm.

After work, I've got about half hour for some food before going to a Rev Exec. meeting, Media team meeting and Rev itself, followed by the social and somehow getting enough sleep before I have to come to work again tomorrow :(

Hmmm…and I'm meant to be meeting my supervisor at some point today!

Mental (now typed) list currently is:

  • Organise more of Warwick Shootout
  • Find out Tshirt prices for Warwick Shootout
  • Speak to Dan about Rev Hoodies
  • Play with SPSS
  • Advertise Skills courses
  • Email media/concert team to remind them to come to Media/Concert team meeting at 7.15pm tonight.
  • Think of a good name for the concert*
  • Write National Rev website report for Edinburgh Forum on Saturday.
  • Recruit media/concert team members whenever possible
  • Publicise concert*!!
  • Label photos in Rev photo gallery

Owch - I'm going to be busy!

*4th March 2006. Methodist Central Hall (title and ticket price to be decided)

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