March 24, 2005

Watch Doctor Who this Saturday at 7 its gonna be very good

Follow-up to I've Won, I've Won! from Alex's Worst Blog Ever.

Well I went down to london on the monday and saw the preview all I can say is it is amazing! I am a Doctor Who fan but I do recomend that everyone checks this out this saturday it is a most excelent drama, fast pased, funny yet well thought out and intresting as well as setting up a new tv series that has plenty of potential to tell intresting stories. If you have never seen doctor who before it introudces all the concepts excelently yet if your a seasoned fan their are plenty of in-jokes to get.

If you have the time on saturday I really do recomend tuning in at 7pm on bbc 1.

March 16, 2005

I've Won, I've Won!

Not that anyone would care but Ive just won a competition to see an advance preview of the first episode of the new doctor who series (due for transmission saturday 26th), very excited about it I'm a massive fan of the show and so was very disapointed that I would not be able to see the first epsisode on its day of transmission (as I would be up in Bangor with Rev), but now I dont have to worry :D Yay!

March 09, 2005

Why do I always leave stuff to after the last minute?????

Does anyone have a complete set of the 2nd year Physics/Maths course PDEs that I could borrow, prefrebally in Black Ink so I can photocopy it (an neet handwriting would be a bonus too :) but not esential I need the notes)

This really should teach me not to sign up to a course after I missed ever single one of the lectures again :S

March 05, 2005

The R & T Musical Experience

I was a guest on my Friends Rick and Tim's radio show the other day. The R & T musical experinence. It was great fun I got to see how the stuio worked as well as introduce a few songs and have a go on the soundesk.

If any you aren't a regular listiner of the R&T Musical Experience (11pm – 1am everythursday on RAW) then I recomed tuning in it is a most splendid show.

February 12, 2005

Nothing much has happend recently

The title says it all really. :(

January 12, 2005

The excitment is over :(

Follow-up to (best website ever?) from Alex's Worst Blog Ever.

Finally got bored of that website after a good 20 minutes of solid play. Wonder what that says about my mental age :/ (best website ever?)

Writing about web page

Ive just discovered the weirdest and yet strangley entertaining website ever :/ Its based on some weird kids show I have never seen, but the website is just amazing. The main menu is sort of this musical thing with no labels or anything you just move the mouse (that is shapped like some funny colured beach ball) over various pictures on the menu and the make a sound that could vaguely be described as 'music'. (If you never have heard music before and only know of it via second hand) yet clicking on these 'things' brings up a wide varitey of sub games which equally are full of strange music and funny shapes. I leave it to you to explore it fully but look out for the bit where you can make the boobah's dance!!!!

January 11, 2005

Back at Uni

Well Im back at warwick again :D For another long term of work, work more work :( and Revelation rock gospel choir :D.

I hope everyone had a great christmas, I did even it was a little busy with both Christmas, my Dad's 50th and my 20th birthday and our combined '70th' birthday partyto get through.

The net result of this was I did not finish all my work in time for the new term (well those distraction couple with the fact that I procrasinate to an nth degree whilst down at my non-uni home).

This had the knock on effect that since comming back ive been working pratically non stop on projects and essays. (in fact since tuesday 4th (my BDAY!!!) when I got back Ive only had one evening off from work) Finally managed to temperiorlly get on top of all the work last night, so hopefully Ill have time to enjoy Rev, CU and 10:25 this week and be fully rested and recovered in time for another lot of projects to do over the weekend :(

Still less then 9 week left of lectures for me this term though :D

December 13, 2004

Barbados Holiday

Just got back from a holiday in Barbados it was very good.

December 02, 2004

The End Cometh!

Yay! The term is nearly over :D.

Just two hours of Lectures left Tommrow and then it will all be over till 2005. (Or at least till I get home and have to start work on my second year essay :( )

Best thing about the moment is not having to worry about assigments though, this term especially their seemed to be no end of them. So now that I can finally just go home and chill when the day is over is just great :D.

Still dreading that second year essay though….......

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