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March 20, 2006

Qualative Theory of ODE's

Dont know if anyone else is doing this module. Its really boring though so I recomend against it. Im currently going through the notes I made in the lectures. Due to the half awake state I was in througout most of the lectures the notes aren't particularly brillent so I keep on having to decipher what I should have been writing down. Their is still loads of bits I dont get, the PBT theorm for one, and the Implicit Function Theorem keeps on poping up in proofs but I never got what that was last year let alone been able to recall it now :( All in all not going too well!

Something I read on the net!

A dog: These people feed me, house me, look after me, give me affection and support. They must be gods!

A cat: These people feed me, house me, look after me, give me affection and support. I must be a god!

So for anyone who read my blog and can be botherd to post a comment, are you a Cat Person or a Dog Person?

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