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October 13, 2012

Control your resources

I guess everybody ask themselves - why they are here at Warwick?...Is it all about our studies? To some extent it certainly is. Paul - our course leader told us that the main aim of this course to learn how to think in a critical way, how to analyse information and provide the evidence of our thoughts. In other words, this course will bring as to the real working environement as closly as it is posible and encourage us to develop our skills to more professional level.

mind bodyHowever, during this first learning week I taught a lesson that I didn't expect to get. After spending 8 hours around my books and doing the first group project I was ill. I got running nose and terrible headache.

Then I began to remember from my previous Psychologycourses that sometimes our body send us messages. In my case the message was clear: "STOP DOING BRAIN WORK!" I was obviously unable to do anithing because of this terrible headache. So let's come back to my question: Why we are here at Warwick?

 Now I know the answer - I came here not just to learn how to analyse or think in a critical way but to find out how to use my resources more effectively....after all isn't this what we are taught in CBE???

October 11, 2012

National Achievers Congress or how I came to my MSc project

Writing about web page

Going to London on thursday night I didn't expect my journey to bring me so many benefits. Actually I was realy not sure if I made the rigt dessigne to visit National Achievers Congress insted of having Induction seminars on Friday. But than I thought that may be this Congress will give me the answers to my questions...What I realy want to get from my studies? How can I achive the success? And what I am going to do after I'll graduate? But what I realy didn't expect was getting the answer to the main vital question - WHAT MSc PROJECT SHOULD I CHOOSE?

Have anybody ever heard about Anthony Robbins?? Anthony Robbins

He was one of the speakers at that Congress. And here is the way (according to Tony) how I got my aswer.

FIRST 1. Close your eyes and just imagin where are you want to be in the future.

              • How the place look like?
              • What are you doing there?
              • Whom do you meet?
              • How does you feel about it?
              • What do you hear around?

              I started to answer those questions....I am in forign country, I must be traveled to somewhere, I am teaching somebody, I am giving them my energy and my ideas and feeling satisfied, I am meeting new people and hearing inspiration in their voice. So I must be a coach or trainer.

              SECOND 2. I identify the key points that I need to become a trainer.

              • To find certin good idea or study that I am truly belive and interested in (like Dr Deming's studies or Malcolm Baldrige excellence models, EFQM, Six Sigma)
              • To become an expert in that field
              • To get the experience

              THIRD 3. I made a conclusion and defined the next step to achiev my goal.

              • I need to do a project which reletes to one of those studies and apply it to a particular company to check how this model works.

              FINALY I GOT MY PROJECT!

              I hope this method will help to someone else to find the subject of research, that they realy in to.

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