October 16, 2012

Team work. Part 2

I made suprizing conclusion about our team work. The more effort I put into the project the less I get in the end. I mean the amount of input is in inverse ratio to the final result. What does it depend on?

There can be only one explonation of this happening - probably, I create some kind of barriers to the achievement of team goals. The second question is - what are those barriers that we creat by accident? lets try to identify them:

  1. Having your own strong opinion on situation is good, but it may prevent you to take others' opinion into consideration.
  2. Being knowledgeable about subject can mislead a persone that he or she knows everything about that area and nobody can complement their ideas.
  3. Accidentuly you can withdraw one of your team member into themselves and they won't be able to be fully involved in the process.

I guess to avoid all these problems we have to be more open minded in oder to capture all new briliant ideas that ower friends or colleges can share with us. Sometimes we just need to let things go and observe how it can bring us to a completely new story.

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  1. Hasan Khan

    Very insightful post Arina. I share your views and I strongly believe that in any group activity, it is really important that we never criticize ideas immediately. On the surface, they might not look good but they can often lead to brilliant new ideas. Criticizing team mates during brainstorming can seriously slow down progress and dampen the morale of the team.

    17 Oct 2012, 01:07

  2. Arina Borodina

    Hasan you got my point! I glad that you share my views :))

    17 Oct 2012, 16:28

  3. Paul Roberts

    A good post Arina, and good supporting comment Hasan. Remember that this year you can explore in complete safety. Rather than just learn about learning organizations from text books and papers, this year provides you an opportunity to create one and it appears from what you write, this is what you are doing. Well done.

    26 Nov 2012, 09:00

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