October 11, 2012

National Achievers Congress or how I came to my MSc project

Writing about web page http://nationalachieverscongress.co.uk/

Going to London on thursday night I didn't expect my journey to bring me so many benefits. Actually I was realy not sure if I made the rigt dessigne to visit National Achievers Congress insted of having Induction seminars on Friday. But than I thought that may be this Congress will give me the answers to my questions...What I realy want to get from my studies? How can I achive the success? And what I am going to do after I'll graduate? But what I realy didn't expect was getting the answer to the main vital question - WHAT MSc PROJECT SHOULD I CHOOSE?

Have anybody ever heard about Anthony Robbins?? Anthony Robbins

He was one of the speakers at that Congress. And here is the way (according to Tony) how I got my aswer.

FIRST 1. Close your eyes and just imagin where are you want to be in the future.

              • How the place look like?
              • What are you doing there?
              • Whom do you meet?
              • How does you feel about it?
              • What do you hear around?

              I started to answer those questions....I am in forign country, I must be traveled to somewhere, I am teaching somebody, I am giving them my energy and my ideas and feeling satisfied, I am meeting new people and hearing inspiration in their voice. So I must be a coach or trainer.

              SECOND 2. I identify the key points that I need to become a trainer.

              • To find certin good idea or study that I am truly belive and interested in (like Dr Deming's studies or Malcolm Baldrige excellence models, EFQM, Six Sigma)
              • To become an expert in that field
              • To get the experience

              THIRD 3. I made a conclusion and defined the next step to achiev my goal.

              • I need to do a project which reletes to one of those studies and apply it to a particular company to check how this model works.

              FINALY I GOT MY PROJECT!

              I hope this method will help to someone else to find the subject of research, that they realy in to.

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              1. Father

                I am glad , that your start in new place was successful and look forward news about changes of your life and study , new friends and funny historys !!!

                11 Oct 2012, 06:46

              2. Kamil Murad

                Excellent post !

                11 Oct 2012, 20:09

              3. Arina Borodina

                Kamil, I glad that u enjoyed it!))

                12 Oct 2012, 09:41

              4. Kamil Murad

                :) What are you gonna do the dissertation on? Something related to teaching?

                13 Oct 2012, 04:05

              5. Arina Borodina

                ))), to teach somebody I guess I have to become an expert in one specific subject first. I really inspired by this Excellence model so I want to research this area and apply to the HR policy in the certain company.

                13 Oct 2012, 10:06

              6. lamide dij

                Hello Arina,

                I was at NAC 2012 too but I don’t think we had the opportunity to meet.
                It’s good to have people that found the event beneficial too. I was sat next to a guy who kept repeating ‘I don’t know what all this jumping and throwing of hands is about’.
                For those curious, I wrote up some of my own thoughts about National Achievers’ Congress 2012 here: http://dijimotivation.com/blogs/nac2012.html

                27 Nov 2012, 11:17

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