February 07, 2013


Today I had experience of being a leader of a team in a particular task. The first time (it happened at CBE module), when I was leading a team I tied to contribute as much as possible, thus, I was pushing, reminding that we have deadline and arguing all the time – and I have to admit that I was quite annoying leader. When we finished the task, I tried to step back and analyze if I acted well as a leader. To my opinion, I created wrong environment to my team members – they were too stressed and couldn’t express their thoughts to the full extent. Moreover, the result was actually not so good. Therefore, I decided next time to act more passive and calm. Plus, when Paul mentioned that we can play and take different roles, it completely confirm my decision.

However, being passive and too democratic leader also, didn’t bring any great results. BUT! Compared to my previous experience result was still better. Was it caused by my leadership style or by new team members? I can only assume. Therefore, another hypothesis came to my mind:

  • In the first case I was too active -> TOO ENERGETIC
  • In the second case I was too passive -> LACK OF ENERGY

So, maybe leadership is all about delivering the right amount leader’s ENERGY in the right way to other team members? If you give it too much, it might cause rejection. Too little – will cause a lack. So, where is that line of how much leader need to give? And the second question how leader can deliver their energy effectively?

Answering how much and how to deliver:

In Russia we have a rule, we call it “whips and cakes”. In UK - “carrots and sticks”. I am pretty sure that this method might not work in other countries, but it defiantly work in Russia. The point is that to get the result from your employee you have to keep switching all the time from “bad boss” to a “good boss”. I am totally against this approach, as I think this kind of game will ruin all the trust to the leader. But what if we apply it from the different perspective? What if leader will be switching all the time from being very energetic and active to a role of observer? How do you think if it going to work or not?


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