November 02, 2012

Give me exact definition!

When person starts doing research of the particular subject, the first thing that he or she needs to do is to identify that subject. But is it always posible to provide only one definition?

My PMA is about company's transformation to a Learning Organization. So, consiquently, I tried first to understand what actually Learning Organization mean? The problem is that even the founder - Peter Senge gives 12 defenitions to LO! He writes that LO is the place "where people create the results they desire....., that creates its own future...., that practices system thinking...., that is flexible, receptive/adaptive to change...", finally, he makes the definition even more vague by telling that LO is the place "that comprises five disciplines".

I tried to combine all his thoughts and find my own definition, just to understand what LO is. Unfortunatelly, all my attempts have failed. But in the end I realised that sometimes we try to provide definition to almost everything so hard, that we deprive ourselves the opportunity to think more globally and dynamicly! May be sometimes we don't need the clear definition..... and may be it is better to find your own definition in the end?

My own definition of LO (how I understand it): a business excellence phylosophy through people.

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  1. Deborah Newnham

    As someone who has had to struggle with defining terms for research, I understand your struggle! Defining terms is about thinking about what you think personally, and how you interpret the language. Within this it is important to set out reasons why you accept/ reject different terms, and justify why you have chosen a particular definition.

    You are absolutely right; we do try to confine everything to a definition, sometimes when we don’t need to. This would probably be an interesting point to discuss in the text.

    It is not my position to judge what you are writing or to tell you what to do, but in my opinion I believe you are going down the right lines; just be confident in what you are saying!!

    Good luck

    03 Nov 2012, 17:48

  2. A good Idea would have been to write down the definitions that you have identified. Let s say 12 from different authors brake them into small parts use the affinity process that you followed during the module and create your own one…......

    As far as Senge’s definitions i do not know exactly what you are trying to say but be careful do not confuse characteristics of LO with the definition…........


    04 Nov 2012, 15:48

  3. Arina Borodina

    Deborah, Evangelos, thanks for comments))) I am really happy that u found this topic interesting)),

    Evangelos, ....back to definition…....but isn’t the term’s definition is a combination of its characteristics?

    04 Nov 2012, 20:44

  4. Yes Arina, you are absolutely right…............ But i think that if you try to give a definition of a LO by taking into consideration all of its characteristics you will end up with 2000 words only for one definition….. :)

    What i suggest is to focus only to the most crucial parts or else the most crucial characteristics of the phenomenon.

    For instance in your definitions above i find the fact that create its own future really broad that encompasses flexibility, adaptive to change, even the five disciplines of a LO.

    05 Nov 2012, 09:22

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